fredag 1. april 2016

Long legs

It's got some long legs this thing. All the way from the surface to the seabed as it happens.
It's just a quick post, just to tell you I'm off again for the weekend. Oh no, I'm not going far. And we got a connection out there as well, at the cottage. The one by the sea. It's more like a five minutes drive from home, so should get there pretty early in the afternoon I would say.

Here we go! Now you have to struggle with rigs and offshore snaps for weeks and months, I suppose. Looks like that was more or less all that were to find onto this roll of Kodak Tri-X that was fetched out of the black rangefinder about a week ago. It's the Magnus rig, by the way. Located on the Magnus field on the UK side of the North Sea. A rusty old thing, it is.

They look a whole lot better these new films I just developed. I only did a couple yesterday, but there will be more to come over the weekend some time.
And hey... the mailman seems to have a bigger packet coming my way as well. I wonder what that might be?! I did not get it today though, so maybe tomorrow then... with a bit of luck.

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