søndag 10. april 2016

He threw himself in!

It's a streetsnap from back in York, England. One of the messedupsometimeinthefixbath negatives you might remember from a few days back. Just had to throw this one in, as it was one of the first ones that caught my eye right now. I'm busy scanning new negs, you know!

Today, on the 10th of april, he decided it was due to get himself washed. In sea water, of course. It was my son, mind you. The father decided to stay busy documenting the happening using the sons camera. He has bought himself a new one, as he's been talking about just that for a short while. Nikon D750. Electronic device, naturally. It works, but you would suppose it did having cost something close to a fortune. I did get one or two fine snaps of the white skin of the boy against the white snowy mountains on the other side of the fjord. The shades might melt together... You know a northern mans skin does not look very healthy this time of year.

The day was fantastic, thank you! The weather absolutely brilliant, with blue sky all day and nothing even close to windy or anything. Not exactly warm or anything, but that's not the most important thing over here at this time of year. We had frost yesterday evening. Just saying.

And I have used a few hours of the last couple of days to scan some film. Which is good.
Now I have started on the last batch for now, containing a few 135 size films. I hope to get it all done by tomorrow evening some time. It all is a bit weather dependent, of course, as I do not plan to scan all day if the weather is useful to get things done outside. Priorities, you know. 
We will see tomorrow.

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  1. Another great snap Mr Karlsvig. Loving this series from England&Scotland - keep 'em coming. And I think The Father got the best deal, taking photographs rather than going in the sea at this time of year. Some people do it here, too - all year round. Mostly with 5mm rubber on, but not always. I'll wait until July/August time...and even then only maybe :)

    1. Thank you my friend! There's still a few more to be posted every now and then, it seems.
      Nothing in the world could have made me jump into the sea at this time of year anymore. I used to do it back in the days when I was a younger version of myself, but not anymore. I stopped many, many years ago. I don't think my heart would ever manage the shock these days. Anyway, my brain has grown up and will absolutely tell me it's not the brightest thing to do anymore.
      Hope is to get into the darkroom some time this week, or at least when the weekend comes. I got that print of yours somewhere there in the back of my head.


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