onsdag 20. april 2016

Another busy day at home, and prints posted

Not that there has been much done worth jumping in joy about, but still I have managed to look quite busy all day since early morning. Started a bit slow, but everything came a bit more into speed throughout the day. Some driving back and forth to get stuff done, and then at last dived into the darkroom where I stayed for quite long. Tomorrow is another day, and I hope to be able to get things done in there again. Should be very possible, since you ask. I will be all alone for a couple of days, which means there will be less chance for any interruptions of any kind. That will suit me quite fine, actually. 
The prints scanned and posted tonight are not from today, mind you. It was something I did a couple of days ago. I can tell, because they seem to be nice and dry now. 
Both todays snaps got something in common, as far as I remember. Both done using the older german rangefinder, and both with summicron type of lenses. One 50mm and the other with the 35mm. It really pleases me to see the prints are great, while the film scans of the same snaps was not really up there. After all, it's the prints setting the standard. 

I just can't do anything about it. I love this snap! I might need to print it bigger than this 5"x7" and take a walk over to this Café and see if they want to buy it to put it on their wall or something. Or maybe not. I like it a lot, anyway. German rangefinder, 35mm V4 Summicron, printed on Ilford Warmtone paper.  They call it the "King of Bokeh" ... You see nothing much proof of that right here, I tell you! It's a pricey thing compared to it's size, though! 

OK! There's nothing fancy here. Just plain prints. 
I got nothing in the business of toning and lith printing and such things to do yet. Need to get on top of the basics first, I think. Therefore you will only get plain, boring B&W prints. At least for the moment. They are quite good though, when you hold them in your hand and look at them. Not that good after being fed through the scanner and schwooped out on the interweb. But you know everything about that from before, so I will let you suffer quietly by your own. 

And yes I do, love this one as well! Both the print and the person, who happens to be my younger daughter. Same M3 german camera, but this time attaching a 50mm "Cron" lens. What is here not to like...? Just saying!

The weather? Well... shite, it is! 

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  1. Nothing wrong with your 'plain old' prints, Mr Karlsvig - both excellent. Great to see you spending some quality time in the darkroom. Keep at it!


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