søndag 24. april 2016

It was pinhole day 2016, today

Sure! Maybe you were not aware of that certain fact? 
Last Sunday in April, every year it's Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day. You know what I'm talking about, right? The kind of photographic method where you use any light tightish box with only a very small hole to use instead of your usual way too expensive lens? You put inside any light sensitive material, position your "camera", pulls away your finger or tape or whatever you use to cover up the hole in the front, and then count to whatever you feel might be quite close to right, before you cover the thing up again and bring it into a darkish place to change "film". Then you repeat until you're satisfied, or tired of the whole thing. 
I did not get tired, and I don't know if I can call myself satisfied either. I made four very quick test exposures on the stairs back home before I ventured off to get the real pictures done. You know, you got to post them as well, on the dedicated World Pinhole Day site. I will do so, when or if I got something to post. Some time tomorrow, hopefully.
I will post a couple for you, of them tests just outside the front door. I still need to run into the darkroom for a quick developing of the five or six last exposures I did. 

Three-four seconds exposure done inside my trusty coffee box with a black lid on top. Something like 0.2 mm pinhole (a guess) done on Ilford paper. Some leftovers from a year or so. I got both the paper and the camera from Ingrid in Orkney, as I forgot to bring either to work last year. She kindly delivered the needed remedies on the quayside just before we went to sea. No chemicals though, as that would require a bit more. I would love to see and hear my crew when transforming my cabin bathroom into a darkroom... so I left the idea quite quick. 

The view from the front door towards the pond, and the neighbor. Same data as above. Both are mobile snaps of the actual paper negative, inverted on some weird app and then tinily adjusted using the "Snapseed" app on my telephone. Then transferred and posted. 

And, we did a walk by the sea today. Nice place around here, on this island called "Vigra" just outside my home town. I brought cameras, as it happens, with film loaded. Managed to end a few of the rolls that has been lingering inside the things for the last few weeks, so will be great to have them developed some day quite soon. I got a few 120 rolls around as well, so there will be more to come quite soon. I hope.
Well... off I go to get the last paper negatives from todays quick round with the coffee box done. 

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  1. Great stuff Mr Karlsvig. You definitely got some images there - amazing what you can do with an empty box of coffee and some imagination :)

    I like the idea of the darkroom on the rig, but maybe you are right, it would be a step too much for your colleagues, who probably already think you are a bit mad with your big and small film cameras around you all the time ;)

    1. True enough, besides they know that for a fact by now, that I'm totally mad and there's no hope. As a matter of fact I think it would be even worse to explain the necessity of bringing a diversity of odd chemicals on board to the client. It would not suit their Health and Care principles at all. Sometimes I'm in total awe when I find that I can really use my toothpaste and my shaving soap without anyone interfering by looking over my shoulders and such. Chemicals, you know... definition a bit unclear, but seems to go for anything containing something else than a couple of atoms of hydrogen coupled to an oxygen type of the same thing.


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