søndag 3. april 2016

Things to do at the cottage

Not that there's a lot to do here, besides the load of things which should have been done soon. I got things to build, as you might know, but that's for a little bit later. Need materials and all before I start, so need to make a plan or something. I'm quite good making plans, I have been told.
Well, we're just back from the birthday party. 25 years old youth, you know. And I know my age has crept a wee bit further as we were told that the plan was to have some young people coming a bit later. Party and all, you know. To which we were not invited. Fair enough! Great, actually! Which made me think I'm starting to grow a bit old... ish...

Another Spotmatic snap done out the side window of the car a while ago. Yellow filter attached. I know, I know... not the most interesting of subjects.

Well, I can officially tell you that between all the things to do at the cottage this evening is getting rid of the last fifth of a bottle of splendid 16 yrs. Lagavulin and watch a movie or something simple as that, very high up on my list. 

Last weekend around my parents house. There's still lots of snow around here, as you might see. Pentax Spotmatic, again.

And all of a sudden it's the next day. The whisky was nice, the movie quite good, and the quietness of this place just fantastic. As usual. Two brand new ships doing DP tests in the fjord at the moment, building a nice contrast to the black and white mountains in the background. The weather is good today, after being quite gray the last couple of days.
The youngest daughter came for a short visit yesterday evening. Nice to see she's got her motorbike out of the garage and made ready for a new season. 

OK, being the one I am I post this one as well. A masterpiece of a corner of the parents house. Red filtered and all. Great stuff, huh...?

The plan now is to grab a camera or two, and go for a walk. I think I know where to go, as well. A few miles further on this road, westwards to the point where the narrow road just stops. Then I walk further ahead on an old path of grass and stone until I get to the old croft up there in the mountain side. Used to belong to the grandparents of my wife it did, that old croft. Small place, totally in the middle of nowhere. 
So, that's what I'm off to do, right now. See you later!!

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  1. I hope you enjoyed your walk Roy...it sounds idyllic - apart from the snow, that is :) I like looking at snow, but can't do the old walking thing on it very well. And yup, your snaps are indeed Great Stuff.

  2. The walks were great, thank you, Michael. As a matter of fact it went into two different walks around the same place. First together with a small bunch of people, then later in the company of my son. A few snaps surely snapped, so we will see one day soon what it looked like over there. If my developer still works, that is :)


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