torsdag 7. april 2016

Diggin' a hole

Or, in fact, I'm diggin' lots of them. Need some good foundation for the deck outside, as you might understand. Not that this is the worst place around here during the winter, but the frost might cause some throwing around of the upper layers of mother earth at times. And we definitely don't want the foundations to be thrown around as well, hence all the diggin' of holes. Concrete to be thrown in at a later stage, as you know. 

It's from York again. The cathedral, as you probably see. We walked by this construction quite a few times, and it was a bit hard to overlook to tell the truth. We were inside of it as well. They knew how to build churches, back in the days. And yes, it's one of those messed up films... again.

I just had a decent hailstorm coming in, but it did not last for long. After that it started to rain quite a bit, and I decided to have a coffee break instead. I don't like to work outside in the rain if I don't have to, and today I don't have to. I'm ahead of schedule, and still lack some materials and stuff anyway. I hope to have this thing finished off some time during next trip home, but you never know. I might find other things to do as well. 

So, it seems I'm in York mode, again. We walked up and down these streets as well a few times. Rainy days, and wet stone. Give you quite nice snaps if you're able to develop the film in a decent way. Obviously I'm not the best of developers. I know how to do it in theory, but I fail more often than not. It's lots of fun, though. 

And that was what I would call a good days work. I am inside the cottage again and wonder what to do tomorrow. Maybe I should go home and get the scanner? Would be great to have that thing over here to scan a few films over the next couple of days. The scanner and some developing tanks, some chemicals and stuff needed for developing films would be nice. I still got a few rolls to work my way through, as you might have guessed. 
Well, I will see tomorrow. Right now I think I will just relax for a couple of hours. I have been digging holes, as you know. Sore muscles and all, but it's good nevertheless. 
And the light is great. I might fetch a camera and take a short walk down to the sea. Snap a few snaps. 

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  1. Nice snaps again, Roy - very atmospheric. Hope the founds for the new deck are coming on well. Hard work all that kind of stuff...


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