lørdag 23. april 2016

Winter, again

Oh yes! Woke up at the cottage this morning, and it was all white outside again. Not that it was any big surprise, but still I don't like it much at this time of year. You know when all you want is nature to come alive, and then the feeling of resignation as you realize it will not happen too soon. Nature just want to play a bit with itself at this time of year. Kicking itself in the foot, for some odd reason. Throw snow into hatching birds nests, cover up those tiny small green sprouts of leafs and what have we all. Making it impossible for me to get the car up to the main road as well, as it happens. I just changed to summer tires, and they are not exactly made for climbing steep hills covered in something like 20 cm of fresh white snow.
Well... I need to give it a try. And if I can't make it I always got the shuffle. 200 meters of road to clear to get up there, so I'll rather just wait and see if the white stuff will stop falling and melt away soon.

This is a road in Scotland. Tiny short single track road, with a nice wall made to hold back the land threatening to slide down and cover the thing. Not that it's great dangers for it to happen right here, I guess, but still. I like the landscape here, and the wall and the other man-made features. And I like the pylon standing there. I even remember which camera I carried at the time, a Nikon FM2. No idea about the lens, but it looks like maybe one of the 24mm ones, or maybe even the 35mm. Printed on Ilford MG FB Classic, 5"x7" sized.

I got a bunch of freshly made prints on the table at the moment. Made over the last few days back home in the bathroom/darkroom. A few of them are quite good, some not so good.
I still got some spot checking to do on them, and then will scan them when I can get to a scanner.
For you to see, of course.
In the meantime you will have to watch the scans of a few prints I did quite a few days ago instead, I'm afraid.

And hey, I was just outside to snap the last snaps on a roll that has been sitting inside this nice little old camera for a very long time now. It is, in fact, the first roll I ran through it since I picked up the thing for free over in Orkney about a year or so ago. I got it from my friend over there, a reporter in the local newspaper. He gave up film years ago though, as you would when your family needs food on the table and it depends a bit on you getting your photos finished and published in due time. He is a great guy nevertheless.

And I printed this one, from the old wool factory over in Langevågen, a short 15 minutes drive away from home. There's a few nice buildings over there, and I will go again soon to try capture everything using a bit more time. And strange thing is that just as I was going to write this sentence my son called me to ask if we could go for a short safari today, to this very place :) So that's the plan then, to go over and see if we find something to snap. I would like it to be free of cars, so we might need to come back another day. Sunday, or something. We will see. 
This was done with the rangefinder thing, printed on what I think is Ilford MG FB Warmtone paper

I hope you all have a great weekend, with no snow.

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