onsdag 6. april 2016

A long day coming to an end

I was up quite early this morning. Had plans to get things done, as it happens. More or less all items ticked off the list now, which is a great feeling. Digging holes outside the cottage, among other stuff. Not the most interesting things, to be honest, but had to be done as I am in the process of building stuff just outside the door. 

Nothing to post, really, but then again I don't have any idea what else to get out there to you right here and now. Hope to get something scanned some time tomorrow or the next day. I need to stock up on stuff to post during my month at sea as well, as it happens. Will make me busy for a few days, I should think.

And not only did I get a few holes done, in addition to some shopping of materials and all, but I also managed to develop quite a few rolls of film. Six 120 films and a couple of 135 sized ones, to be exact. There's some scanning to be done soon, as you might have figured out already. Scanning and darkroom work. Plan was to play around with some proper paper one day soon. 
Can't wait, to be honest! I got a few negs around that looks good enough to shine some light through them, and I hope the owners of the finished products will be pleased with the results. You never know, of course. The negs might be a bit on the bad side after all when it all comes down to the serious business inside that dark room... but we will see, as usual.

Another one from the Pentax Spotmatic. Not the Super Takumar 50mm this time, as you might already have figured out. You see, he also got this very bad 300mm thing for the camera. It used to be a bad lens back in the days, and has not grown to be any better these days. Nah, one should stick to the 50mm on this thing. Or one could get a bit wider one, but still the Super Takumar kind of thing. Properly built things, they are.

Anyway, the films developed today looked quite good. The old bottle of Kodak HC-110 developer still works good enough, it seems. I'm halfway through it now, so it should still last for another while. 

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