lørdag 9. april 2016

Another day, of the similar kind

Oh yes, been digging a bit today as well. But I have also done some building up. Terrace, deck and stuff, as you should know. 
And, I took off on the five minutes journey back home and had six films developed. All 135 sized stuff. Having just had the chance to have a quick glance at them they look kind of good. 
Right now I've started scanning a few of the 120 rolls I developed a few days ago. I'll post a few in this post, I would think. The other freshly developed 135 films need some drying before they can materialize themselves into scanned images. 

Oh sure, you've seen this scene before at some point. Snapped from the front door at the cottage, as it happens. This time there was a ship flickering about there out in the fjord as well. Trawler, by the looks of the lump of steel. They go in here from time to time to wash their nets and such. Fishery being done at sea a few miles further out west. I played with the Mamiya RZ here... with the 500mm lens attached. 

Tomorrow I'm going to a party. Birthday party, as it happens, for my grandson Rohan. He turned one year of living as I was at sea, as you might remember. Tomorrow we're going to have some kind of celebration. I have not bought his present yet, but I know what to get and will source it up early tomorrow. 
Books. Books are good for small boys in lack of nothing much else. At least that's what I hope, and think. I love to read for children soaking in the words, making their own pictures inside their heads. 
There's a lot of good things in there, in them written words. Very underrated, as it happens. I hope to see to that the small lad will love the written stuff. It's important, as you should know.

Something snapped on the Diana F+ plastic thing I got lurking about. What more can one want, actually? There are mountains, a fjord, a couple of trees and a creosote impregnated wooden telephone pole. And a few wires. It's probably a masterpiece.

Did I ever tell you I got an author cousin? Not? 
Well, I do. Her name is Mette, and she writes well, no kidding! She's a top ranked author over here in Norway having received quite a few of the traditional highest prices and all. I have not read all her books yet, because there's quite a lot of them, mind you, but I'm getting there. Her not very authorized "biography" of Björk, the Iceland singer you know, made quite a storm over here... and also over in Iceland a few years ago. I heard, or read, that Björk herself was not too found of the thing. Not that I know why, because it's a fine book with nothing much bad said. I would think that it has more to do with the fact that Björk herself was not interviewed, as she did not want to. Her father was, though, and quite a few others.
Anyway, it's a good book with some great personal and nature depictions inside. You should read it, but I'm not too sure if it's translated into english. Over here it's called "Bli Björk"
These days she's a lot over here in my home town. Doing some drama work on one of the universities over here. I hope she will have some time soon to go have a meal and a beer. We need to talk, as it happens. You know books call for covers, and covers may contain snaps in one way or another. She want something from either my collection or something special made for something, but I'm not sure what yet. Or it may also be for someone else, as she's heavily into publishing as well these days. 
But hey, we need to wait and see! I'm not taking anything for granted. But fun it would be :))

And hey, it's the son snapped on the Diana F+ as well. You may see him there in the middle of the image if you partly close your left eye and let the other one wander a bit about. It was about a week ago. Over there at Nøringseth where my wife kind of grew up. It's a nice place where you got space and silence to think things over if you need. And if you don't need that, it's a great place anyway!

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  1. That's one fine post Sir. Is Matte's work in English too?

    1. Good morning Andrea, and thanks!
      Sorry to say nope, I don't think it is. A few of the books are in a more, what would one say... tricky and rather special kind of norwegian language, and would be not so easily translated, I think. The novels though, would be easy enough. I would think.
      I need to ask her if it's going to happen any soon :)


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