torsdag 21. april 2016

Oh, great!!

I mean, it's 5 am and I should go to bed soon, I would think. Been busy, as it happens. In the darkroom, you know. I would never stay up this late, or early, for whatever other reason. 
Not to happy with the results though. A few of them was good enough, but others looks like crap, or something in that direction. 
We need to wait and see, as I will now go straight away to sleep. I might find a snap first... just to have something to show. 
I'm a bit reluctant to post only words and no images, as you should know. 

So, I found this one to please your eyes today. It's from the Ba-game, as you should know by now. Some lady from the spectators side of things suddenly seemed to find the urge to give the pack a push into the right direction. I think she was not very pleased by the way things seemed to go. Neither was I, but I still managed to stay just where I was and just snap a few instead. I think I carried one of them Nikon FM2s this day. Maybe containing some Fomapan 100 or something like that. Could also be some low ASA Ilford for what I know. FP4 or something. Oh yes... it's a simple and bad scan of a not too good negative. 

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  1. 5am...oh no! That must have been a long session. I run out of patience/energy after a couple of hours and need a serious break then. Sometimes I might go back for more, but rarely does this improve matters!

  2. It was a very long session for sure, Michael. around 12 hours more or less steady going without any particular breaks to speak of. It was a bit more productive than it might say in the text though, but there was also a fair bit of trial and error. As there will be at times.
    At least there's a couple to be shipped away for print exchange. Some day soon, as they require a little time for spot checks and things like that. I got them here at the cottage, and will start the job as soon as I have posted something on the blog.
    Stay tuned mate, even though I know you got other things to do today.


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