lørdag 23. april 2016

Short photo safari today

Yup, we went off for a short trip me and my son a bit earlier this afternoon.
And it was great.
First we went over here, to the factory I told you about a bit earlier today just before we left off for todays trip.
I think I might managed to capture a few nice ones, but that's left to see when films will be developed some time next week some time. I mainly used the two german rangefinders and all three lenses. Mostly the 21mm though, with the orange filter attached. That could be great if I was able to sort of adjust the exposures accordingly. It's not always the easiest thing to do on the fly with shadows like the ones we had today. High contrast kind of situations, as the sun actually was shining through huge clouds with some blue sky in between. It might be a success, but could also turn out to be the direct opposite.
I also used the Summicron 35 and 50mm lenses a bit. I'm a bit more confident with those small pieces of glass, as it happens.

From my last trip to sea, about a month ago as we were getting closer to the coastline around northern Shetland. This is just on the northern in-/outlet of Yell Sound. The skerries is called "Ramna Stacks" and consists of 9 individual small skerries. The small island you see to the left in the picture is "Gruney". I would think that this area really boils when the weather is a bit worse than this day when we passed on our way inside the Yell Sound to finish off the survey of the pipeline going into Sullom Voe. I think this was Nikon FM2 with the 105mm Nikkor attached. 

Then, we went off for a small half an hour drive a little bit inland from here. This morning I saw this picture on instagram. I used to hang out with this fellow back when I was like 12, or something like that. Today he's a great artist, and a photographer to look and learn from. He became the norwegian champion in photography (NSFF) in 2014, and further the Photographer of the Year in 2015. And it was quite deserved, as it happens. Anyway, I saw this snap pop up and asked him exactly where he found the lovely building. He explained, and off we went to try find it. And we did, snapped the thing duly up, and left back home. I hardly think this house is going to take another winter, to be fair.
With some luck I might post a few snaps of the thing some time next week. It depends, of course, what the exposures looks like.

You maybe remember I was lurking around the streets of Middlesbrough not to long ago? Anyway, I was there and walked the streets pointing my two rangefinders into most directions. I got a bit thirsty, and went inside this tiny, a bit weird, but great pub. I soon found myself chatting with the guy behind the counter. Great guy, and I was his only customer as it was a bit early in the afternoon. 
They had the strangest collection of fox heads and other dust collectors hanging around the place. While I was sitting there the owner brought in his latest purchase, a couple of swine heads mounted on a wooden plate and some old barometer thing I helped him put into some kind of working condition. It seemed that physics maybe was not his favorite class at school... They did not look too good, the swine heads, to wrap it in carefully. Anyway, suddenly he wanted to buy my cameras as well, as he was a collector and could show off a few nice Agfa Box cameras and something else with a bellow that I'm not too sure what was.  Two german rangefinders with a couple of Cron lenses and a wide angle Elmarit, he wanted to buy... I could probably have payed half the pub with the cameras, so I politely turned his offer down with some kind of idiotic explanation, finished my beer and found my way out of there before someone decided they wanted my cameras anyway. I strolled away, quickly, in some random direction until I was quite sure that none were following me. Then I went back to the hotel.

Tomorrow is another day. No plans as for yet, but I will come up with something. If the weather is good enough I got a few things to do outside, as you might remember.
You see, even though I was due to go to sea thursday I'm still home. And I will stay at home for another month. It's a long story, but it has to do with the reductions all around the offshore market these days. The situation is not good, but at least I still have work to go to. Not as much as I should, but I got something.

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  1. Another great post my friend - great stories and great snaps to go with them. I'm glad you managed to escape the interest of the locals in your rangefinder gear - hold on tight to those lovely bits of metal and glass.

    Sorry to hear you have a month without work - most likely to do with the price of oil, which some counties are using to wage war against some other countries...and all of us stuck in the middle wondering what next. Hopefully things will pick up soon and you get back out there to earn your $$. I'm sure you will have plenty to occupy yourself with in the meantime - deck, cameras, darkroom, life...

    1. Thank you, Michael. Good thing was that he probably had no idea what I used for snapping up his pub with, and that I made it out of there before he started asking to many questions. Maybe the backstreets of Middlesbrough is not the place to wander with equipment like this... Or, I know it's not, but anyway I still find myself tempted to do so anyway.
      It's a bit pity about the work and all, but I hope it will get better some time soon. Looks like we got some more work for the ships during summer, and that the company are looking into rebuilding a couple of ships to make them fit other markets. We will see, but I sure hope there will be better days to come soon.


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