torsdag 25. mai 2017

Just signed in at my cabin again

After a few busy days back home it certainly was about time to get to work again as one's in too much need of keeping the constant stream of cash flowing through the system these days. To keep the wheels of the world turning, I'm told.
Well, at least all this means I'm back on board the ship since mid-day yesterday, and already well into subsea work somewhere out there. North Sea for a few days now, before the plan is to go in for some throwing stuff off and on before we go out for a new job. 
So that's the overall plan, and we will later see if we were able to keep to it or not, and where we end up working.

Look at this tiny thing standing out in the North Sea somewhere, pointing towards the blue sky and just looking very pleased with everything in some weird way. Dutch sector of the sea, if my memory serves me right for a change. Done on one of them german rangefinders, I believe. With the 21 mm lens attached, by the look of the perspective and all.

You should have seen the weather out here today as it was absolutely fantastic. Up to the point when the fog came in, of course. Right now I can't for all the pesetas in the world even see the back deck of the ship from here. That's rather foggy, just saying.

Same place, kind of, but snapped from a different place on board the ship. Same nice weather as this morning, by the way. Not so now, because the fog is pretty dense at the moment. It will get better though, some day. Rangefinder, again.

Before I left home I had a few bits and pieces checked and re-checked. We're going for a drive as soon as I come home in about four weeks time, as you might remember. Over to old England, you know. And maybe Wales, and maybe a short trip into Scotland for all I know. We will see how far we gets before the landy breaks down, I guess.
So, I had to have a good look at the different moving parts of the car, and also see to that my old kerosene fired camp stoves were working as they should. I need something to boil some good old coffee on while I'm away, you know. And something to cook breakfast on should it be needed would be absolutely needed, so I had them things brought out and tested to find out if any maintenance was needed. Well, nothing major had happened to them I'm happy to inform you all about. 
Still I bought a few parts I know might come in handy should the thing fail at some point. I like these old burners from the mid 1900's for some reason. Maybe because this type of stove kept me warm through my year of military service back in the days or something. And they just keep on working, which is a good enough reason to still keep them and maintain them, I guess.
As you might know, I like stuff running on fuel and working... it's just a minor deficiancy of profession, mind you.

mandag 22. mai 2017

My 365 project still moving forward

The 365@50 project is still moving forward, day by day. I just loaded my Nikon F3 with film no.5 this morning after frame no.141 was done.
I'm far behind on posting, I know, but I guess there will be time enough to get them all online before 2017 is done and dusted. Or, I will of course have to post the last few snaps a bit into the new year as this is film and not the usual pixelated stuff. Or, they are of course pixelated in the end due to the scanning process and all, but you know all about that anyway. 

Anyway, here you get four more from the series. All for free as per usual.

#040 One of our ships, the Viking Dynamic steaming out of Cromarty Firth one day in February while we were staying alongside at Nigg. The pilot boat is barely visible just in front of her, as you can clearly see.

#041: One of the huge doors in some kind of production hall they got over there in Scotland. It was rather nice at night time, as it happens. This snap was a bit boring, though. 

#042: Another night time snap from around the port. This jack-up was tied up as well, just as we were. You might remember having seen the scaffolding in front of the thing from a different point of view some time somewhere else in my blog? Just have a good look around and you'll find it, probably.

#043: Oh well... I guess I poked the camera in this direction some day at work. Looks like it's the motorman coming back from one of his many checking rounds around the engine areas. There's a fair bit of stuff to take care of, you see, but somebody's got to do it.

søndag 21. mai 2017

About the weather, and a few of the things I see

Another nice day up here in Norway today. At least around my parts of the country. Around 18 degrees Celsius and sunny most of the day, but a bit more chilly in the evening. Now it's close to midnight, and the clouds have come in bringing something that could turn into rain at some point during the night. Even though the clouds are a bit on the heavy side it's still rather light outside. We have finally reached the time of year when daylight never goes away, and it's probably what makes it worth fighting the dark days of the rest of the year. 
Well, luckily I think the darkness and the crappy weather we usually get up here is a bit refreshing which probably makes the life a bit easier to me compared to a lot of people usually having a hard time through the darkness of the wintertime. 

This thing called out for some attention one of the days alongside in Lerwick a few weeks ago. The smoking area for the dock workers, I guess. Linesmen and the likes, fork lift drivers and what have you working inside the area. I sort of like the composition, with the lines and everything. The snap would probably have worked a bit better if some random smoker were actually using the facility at the time, but then again I guess we should be more than happy with the thing getting as little use as possible. It's not the best of habits, as we have learned to know through the last few decades. I think this was the Leica M6, 35mm Summicron lens, snapped on HP5+ film. 

We just had a few visitors coming by. Young people, you know. Daughters with friends and dogs and everything, and even a boyfriend I was not aware of. We served hamburgers from the barbeque (and veggie-burgers for the ones in need of that) and by the looks of things I initially thought they were only coming for the free food. Turned out that they had a bit of time to spare for the old folks, so we had a few hours of great chatting and a generally nice time outdoors. We like that sort of thing, you know. 

One of the holes in the wall of the outer breakwater of Peterhead harbor. At least it looks like they will be able to make a hole out of it if needed some day. It's not the best of berths to have for a big ship this place, as the current and swell from the North Sea is making life a bit busy on board a ship even on a nice day up there. Leica M3, Elmarit 21mm lens on Ilford PAN400 shot at box speed.  

Tomorrow is Sunday. Nothing much planned, but I got a few things on my list of things that have to get done before I go to work again. Leaving Wednesday very early morning for Scotland again, so I probably need to use parts of the Sunday as well to have even the tiniest chance to get the things done in time. What I definitely know is that any dark room printing will not be done during this trip at home. Good thing is that I now know what's hiding inside the darkroom at my local photo club. A couple of enlargers and a rather good collections of trays and stuff. The deal is that I can use it whenever I like, which suits me quite well as you probably understand. I just have to pick up the key and lock myself in and out as I please for a day or three. Sounds great... huh?
I will give it a try as soon as I get the chance. I promise.
Other things...? Nah, not really. I stumbled around with the Rolleiflex in hand for a few hours today, but nothing came out of it, I think. 
But I did snap the daily one, though. As I'm doing every day, of course. Nothing grand, mind you. 

Another one from the same film as above. I noticed this scene during a lunch walk outside of my cabin last time at work. Nothing much to say about it, as you quite clearly can see. The orange filter was attached, making the whole thing looking a bit graphic and contrasty. I'm not too sure if I really like it, but might be worth posting anyway. Leica M3, Elmarit 21mm and Ilford PAN400 film. 

fredag 19. mai 2017

I've been away, I know!

Not that I've been far away, as such, but away from the blog as you probably have managed to figure out well enough. Been enjoying life and stuff like that lately, as you should when you live where I do and having a few weeks of sunshine and mild(ish) weather. At least the temperatures has been great the last couple of days, but the weather as such has been absolutely fantastic for three weeks now. That does not happen every year, just saying!

A few of the "lines" I found during the short photography session at the photoclub last week. All of them straight, as you can see. There was some curvy ones as well as it happens, but that's for another day to see. I liked these windows, of course. Rolleiflex, HP5+ dunked in Rodinal. 

No big news when it comes to photography though. 
I've been around the hood for a few trips, snapped a couple of films of course. Nothing that will wipe any of you off your chairs one way or the other, mind you. 
Just done scanning a few recently developed rolls, but it's more or less the same old story there as well. Nothing ground breaking at all, it seems. They are all from that same roll of 120 film, the four posted here and now. It's probably all you will ever see from it as well.

This is Flø, not too far away from the cottage by the sea. You only have to drive for two minutes to get on the 20 min. ferry to take you over to the other side of the fjord, and then drive for another 15 min. or so. Then you're there looking at this, having the lovely light coming in and all. It's beautiful, at least when you manage to decide whether you want to expose for the sky or the stones in the foreground. Same camera and the same film as the one above. 

Oh, and I was at a meeting in the local photography club last week. It was a good couple of hours spent, and I even managed to take a few snaps with the old Rolleiflex believe it or not. The subject for the evening were "lines", and I found a few of them around the old building where the meetings are held. 
They got a darkroom there as well, but I've not seen it yet. It's not been used for quite a while, but I hope to be able to get that part sorted rather soon. 
One of the board members of the club has agreed to meet me tomorrow bringing a few keys so we can get in there and check out the condition and to what degree it's equipped. 
We'll find out some time later today, I hope. 

See? There's a nice beach here and everything. Nothing like the western isles over in the UK or anything, but compared to everywhere else over here it's nice. Period.

There suddenly was a real rush on my blog the last few days. I realized this just a couple of hours ago when starting to write this post. I started to wonder what all the fuzz was about, and think I found the reason of all the razzamatazz coming from this place as my blog friend over in the US, Mr. Jim Grey has been featured with his list of film blogs at PetaPixel. At least that's what I think it is, but I'm sure the good man over there will put things right if that's not right in any way. I just wanted to say it's a great list of blogs, and a very handy thing to find and look through from time to time, or even find a few new to follow. I hope I can at least get a couple of new followers out of it. It's really needed, I can tell you that much. 
Not that I'm going to stop blogging just because the interest is limited though, but you know. It's always nice to know someone is having a quick look at what you do, and to read the words you wright. 
The never ending waves hitting the beach at Flø right over there, pointing to the other side of the fjord and over that hill over there. It's a really nice place, as you obviously can see with your own eyes. Rolleiflex, HP5+ and Rodinal 1:25 

onsdag 26. april 2017

Four More, From Film #02 of 365@50

Oh ho, yes. I also have the second film from The Project developed and ready for posting. 
These four, and the few next to come, is from Nigg in Scotland. Just where Cromarty Firth becomes a firth up there on the north end. 
I was here, as you might remember, some time ago now. With the ship and everything, and we stayed for quite a few days. 
You better brace yourselves!





lørdag 22. april 2017

It's ice cold over here right now!

Lerwick, Shetland.
Alongside Greenhead Base and everything is well, it seems. We came here a couple of days ago, but we've been busy enough trying to get a few bits and pieces up and running again. There's a million systems on this rather big lump of steel as you might understand, meaning there's always something not quite as good as it should be. I guess that's why there's four of each and every pump or thing on board. If something breaks, we just start it's twin component and everything is running as intended as by magic. Some day you just have to start doing something with them broken units, of course. I think yesterday and today has been those days. 
I'm a bit fed up on the subjects welding, grinding and hydraulic oil after todays session I must admit. Let's hope I'm looking at things from a bit more positive side for tomorrow. 

I was in town one evening. Waiting for the wife to finish work to drive her back home. It was raining, and I thought I could just as well try to get one or two snaps of light on rain drops. It was a good night for that kind of exersise. I got a vague feeling these were done on one of the rangefinders, but I'm not 100% sure.

I've even been walking about on the quayside to take a few snaps. Just had to get out to get some fresh air when the working day was done today. The light was dull though, hence probably the photos will be just that as well. There might be one or two, so we will have to wait and see as usual. 
The daily pick had to be from the workshop today. Bits and pieces and stuff... overloaded work bench and all that crap, you know. It looks like somebody threw in a medium sized bomb, shut the door and ran off. Looks like we got some cleaning up to do before we get home. 
Not many days left now, by the way. I got tickets for Wednesday, and really looking forward to get home. I just hope the weather will turn a wee bit warmer soon, because this is more or less like mid winter. It even snowed a few times both today and yesterday. We don't want snow now, just saying. We want spring, and then we want summer. And we want a nice one, because we deserve it :))

onsdag 19. april 2017

Quick Report from where decisions lives shortly

Just a quick one from out at sea.
Looks like we're getting closer to the end of this job now as we're just sitting on top of a valve (some sort of christmas tree) to check that the applied pressure is not going to sink during the next 24 hrs. Or, we are actually 12 hours into the check already. 
Ever been watching paint drying? OK. This is exactly the same thing. One camera, one ROV and one manometer showing a steady reading, as it should. I mean, how many hours would you actually need to make sure your car tyres didn't leak? And would you ever dare taking them out on the road again after making sure that everything was OK? They could start leaking just 20 meters down the drive for all you know. 
Nah... let's disconnect the whole thing and get ashore. That's my view of it anyway.
Seems that the client is of a bit different meaning, and it's his money after all...

Another one from the Cromarty Firth and the walk on any other Sunday during the cold period a couple of months ago. Nikon with 105mm lens attached.

There's people with influence on board at the moment. Which obviously gives me a lot of headache. A few days ago I was told we're going to Peterhead after this job is done, so I ordered some diesel just to make sure we can make it through the next little job we're due on. 
Then they suddenly decided that Lerwick on Shetland was a much better option, so I had to cancel my order of 400 000 litres in Peterhead and make a new order of the same amount in Lerwick. Then they didn't know where to go at all... so I had to cancel the order of 400 000 litres in Lerwick, and a few minutes later they suddenly decided that Lerwick sounds great after all...

So, I gave up the whole thing and decided to just wait and see where I will wake up whenever they decide to sail in. 
Looks like we're staying in for a few days anyway so there will probably be time enough to get it all on board when we get there... wherever that would be. 
I must be a bit stupid, as I should know these guys well enough to not jump on the first thing I hear them saying while their goal sill is days ahead... 

Same place, same walk. A proper mainland fence with additional barbed wire on top and everything. I couldn't see any obvious reason for it though, as all you had to do was to go around it if you pleased.

The road. The steep one. Nigg, Scotland. Late January 2017.