torsdag 31. mars 2016

It seems I got a few projects going on

Had to go downstairs this morning. Down in the basement, as I got a few things down there. Things I should have finished off in a few weeks or so. 
It's the boat, you know. Or not the boat, ofcourse, because that's a bit big to get in there. Bits belonging to the boat, it is. Wooden stuff left there to dry over winter to get a nice and fresh layer of oily things some time during spring. There's old varnish or oil to be removed, which takes some time, as you might know. Big things they are, them wooden things. The jib boom (or whatever you call it the long thing protruding from the bow on a decent sail boat) is a quite heavy piece of wood, as it happens. Long it is as well. Just barely getting it inside the basement to get the job done. 
Well, I'm on the task and getting there. Some time tomorrow, I guess. Getting the old stuff off, that is. There's a lot of work still to be done before it's all finished, but I will get there as well. Need some good weather for that bit, as I want to work with that outside the house. Will need some help to carry it outside. 

Seven stones in a row on the beach. Pointing outwards, towards the sea, they do. They point towards the landside as well, naturally, but that's not the important one. It's one of the misserable negatives you've heard about before. The beach is in England somewhere. East coast, probably Yorkshire.

Itching a bit to get inside the darkroom soon. I have been waiting for a new bottle of fix to get here, as my last batch appeared to be stone dead last time I developed a few films. You have seen the results, and there's more to come. Grainy and dull negatives with absolutely no contrast in them. Thick they are, as well. Need some real light to have the slightest chance of shining it through the stuff. I post them anyway, as you know. 
Counted the rolls yesterday. 10 pcs. of 135 film and 8 rolls of 120 film to develop, and then there's a few prints I really need to get done. Looking forward to that bit, I do. I love to do prints, and to see them materialize in front of me. At least when the print turns out to be a good one, that is. 
I got things to do, as you might understand, but luckily one of the things require daylight while the other mission require darkness. Not that the darkness comes at any early hours this time of year, but there's no point in waiting for too long either, as it's not going to help me a lot. It's the different seasons, you know. During the few summer months it hardly ever gets dark up here, at least as long as the weather is good. And I want some good weather this summer. Actually we deserve some good weather this summer, as the last one was more like a very long autumn with cold and damp weather all the way until the real autumn came along. Then there was winter, and now it's spring time. Although, wakening up this morning was a bit like it was mid-winter again. 10 cm of fresh snow had been falling during the night, but it's OK... it always will do this trick anyway, the weather. Most of April is the same way up here. Everything tells you that spring is here, and then it's all turned white again. Bloody irony of the seasons.

Way down in the dungeon of Edinburgh castle. Cold, dark and damp. Not a place you want to stay. Just saying.

Oh... and I have just developed three films, and they looks a lot better than the ones you have seen the last few posts. You will see some soon, if you stay around this place a bit longer. One film from the old Pentax Spotmatic as well, as it happens. Cool?! 

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  1. You were busy snapping then, Roy - lots of film. Nice moody snaps as usual I see too. Looking forward to seeing what else comes out of the tank when you get them developed. And why has some-one hung their washing up to dry in Edinburgh Castle dungeon?

    1. There's a few films to get washed for sure, Michael. Managed to get another 4x120 films done yesterday, but you will need to wait a bit to see any of those. Smashed them into some Kodak HC-110 developer, solution B.
      The laundry hanging down in the dungeon of Edinburgh castle you will need to ask someone else about. They looked nothing like the underwear you would use in this century, I can inform you :))


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