tirsdag 12. april 2016

I found this on a strip of film

Here she is, the younger daughter in all her beauty. Inside a café, at the table deep into her own thoughts... or probably halfway through the meal. Anyway I used the brilliant Nikon F3P sort of thing, with the lovely 80mm f/1.4 lens. Not that the lens itself is the lovely part of the thing, but what comes through of light is nothing less than great, me thinks. I like the thing, when I'm able to not think of the weight of the package. Heavy as heck, it is!

Snapped at a café some time ago, it was. I remembered it vaguely, but just because of a couple of other frames on the same roll. Done using one of them huge bulky Nikon F3's in the press version, it was. You know the one with that incredibly heavy winder attached. You could easily use this one as a weapon, should you need it some day.

Today I have been filling up the holes I dug the other day. With concrete, as you would on such a nice day. Putting things in the holes has also been done. Steel and stuff, you know. Just to keep everything in place for a few years. I hope everything lined up, sort of. We will see some time tomorrow, I would think.

Did some scanning today as well, and getting slowly towards something that seems like the end of the pile of films developed lately.

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  1. And a very nice shot it is too. You have some nice glass, Roy. Hope you documenting the building of the deck - in snaps!?

  2. Good morning Michael :)
    This 85mm f/1.4 lens came to me readily attached to the Nikon F3P camera mentioned in the text. It looked like a mess, but after a few hours of work... and maybe a bit of luck, I don't know, it's at least working well. Very well, as it happens.
    To tell you the truth, I have not been exactly busy snapping the process of building that deck. I don't even know if it would be possible to get any good ones, as the nature of the things out there are a bit... well, crowded maybe? I need to see if I can at least get something useful out of it though. I am going out to continue the process right now, so if you watch this space in a few months time from now, I might have something for you :))
    Have a great day, over there!


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