mandag 4. april 2016

The best of days

What more can you possibly wish than the feeling of being on holiday in your own neighborhood? I'm at the cottage again, and it's all quite and nice. Just the way I like it. The only thing I might miss would be the possibility of developing some film while I'm here, but I might find a way. We will see.

Some huge rig on the UK sector of the North Sea. Snapped in the total darkness of the night on the rangefinder. Not the japan made one, mind you. The german one, on long shutter times handheld from the deck of a ship. Cool, huh...? Ah, and the film is not one of them badly fixed ones you have get used to lately. Properly developed and fixed in both Kodak and Ilford products this time.

Was just outside starting a fire in a pan we got down here by the sea. A nice way to get some food heated during the evening. It's the kind of thing you can use for whatever, as it happens. Today I guess something is going on the grill type of thing. We will see when the wife is back from her drive.

Different rig, daylight view. A bit crowded underneath those things, I must say. Risers, legs and what have we all. This could be from the sameish rangefinder with the same lens. 50mm cron-thing.

What else did I do today? Nothing much, as it happens. I was at the post office for a short while, picking up a couple of cameras. Cheap as chips they were, and no wonder at all! Well, the Nikon F3 was nice enough, and both looks, feels and function great. The japanese rangefinder thingy was a bit more suspect, I have to say, as the shutter seems to be totally stuck... in open position. Well, I need to open the thing up and have a good check on it. Could be fixable, or I can find some other way to use the thing. It looks cool, though, so will not be thrown away. It's not a camera for my step daughter though, which was the hope for this one. Or, it might be if I can get that shutter working.
There was a Nikkor 70-210mm zoom lens as well inside the packet. Zoom function stuck, but I have opened stuff like this before and made it work. It might even happen again on a good day. Will bring it along next time at work to have a good look at it over there together with that japanese rangefinder. Need stuff to do when off duty, you know.

Nope! They are not in the process of electing the new pope or something. It's over there at Sullom Voe on Shetland. The place where oily stuff is coming ashore through the pipeline we just did a proper check on. For leaks you know. And to see that it was all steady and good down there at the seabed, of course. As we speak I guess some unlucky soul is going through the whole four weeks 24/7 of video we shot of the thing. I'm quite happy I'm not the one sitting there with sore eyes right now. 

Else, not much to report from today. I need to take a short walk, it seems, as I suddenly discovered I must have lost a lens cover for one of those big Mamiya lenses yesterday some time. I know where I strolled, so should be easy enough to repeat the steps.
I might even bring the camera...

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  1. That first shot is just great, Roy - I love it. I feel another print exchange coming on my friend - if you will, lay that one down on some paper next time you find yourself in the darkroom and I will see if I have something half-decent lying about over here in return (although if present form is continued, that's a big 'if').

  2. Thanks a lot my friend! I got a few negs similar to this, and it looked like the negs would be printable in some way. I will of course find the best one and give it a go inside the darkroom, and with some luck it could be good enough to get thrown into an envelope and shipped over to you.
    I got a plan that involve some darkroom work quite soon, which would mean I could make it before I go to sea again :)
    There's a couple more prints going out of the house as well, which is always nice me thinks.


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