tirsdag 26. april 2016

Warm tone papers

So, you thought that the Ilford Warm Tone paper had a warm tone inside, did you? Well it does, of course, but nothing extreme.
Ever tried the Fomatone Nature MG532 II paper? It's so warm you'll burn your fingers should you touch the thing. No toner needed kind of paper, if you see what I mean?
The surface of this thing is nothing less than beautiful, but it got this very warm tone making it quite special, and useful maybe only for certain and a small handful of prints. It's not an everyday paper, to put it that way. But yes, it's nice. The people over in The Czech Republic sure knows what it takes to make some fine darkroom papers. I got a few of their other papers as well. Stay tuned for a few more examples during the time to come. 

The lighthouse you should know quite well by now. Out there on the small skerry of Ona, on this very coastline. Or outside it, to speak the truth. Printed on the mentioned Foma paper, scanned and posted. Seems like the scan is lacking a tiny bit of contrast compared to the original, and maybe the paper is a bit more brownish than my monitor seems to draw. Anyway, you might get the idea... More info: Mamiya RZ67 camera, 50mm Sekor lens and some film I can't remember right now. Could be Fomapan 100. Nice film, by the way.

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  1. Oh very nice - I like it. That's one of the things I like about living the analogue life - the variety of films, developers, papers we have to play with. Never used this paper but it sure looks good with this snap. Great stuff.

    1. Thank you, Michael :)
      There's still something a bit strange with this print, but it's probably because of the fact that I used a filter on the front of the lens that day. Orange or red one, I think. I see the lighthouse, which usually will appear quite dark on a print like this, seems to be light in color. It was my plan to ship one of these prints over to you this time, but I failed to put it inside the envelope. My mistake mate, but I'll ship it over next time instead :)


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