tirsdag 12. april 2016

What would come next??

It's that bright thing lurking around up there in the sky I'm thinking of. The sun, as we know it. It has shone down upon us for several days now, and being from, and living at, the western side of the norwegian piece of stone, that will always worry me a bit. Getting too nice weather for too many days in a row would more or less always mean that something real bad will hit us. 
At least that's the feeling everyone would have whenever an unlikely event like this one comes our way. A day or two, fine! but when the third day with bright sunshine appears you would start to worry instead of enjoying the nice and bright day. Well... that's just the truth of the nature of the people living here. We have seen it all, too many times, as it happens. 

This is not the sun, folks, even though it like to pretend it is at times. It's the torch out on one of the rigs a bit west of Norway, east of Shetland... somewhere in that direction. They need to light up the north sea, as we know. To see what they're doing, or something. It's impressive, but with a limp. I would like to see the gas being used for something else, to be honest. I would not like to see the figures of how much gas they have burned off this way since oil was first discovered. Oh, and it's a longish exposure, done inside one of them Nikon FM2 cameras with some Nikkor lens attached. Looks like it could have been the 105mm or something. And it was night time.

The plan was to continue with some foundation stuff today. I will not touch the quite fresh concrete, though. I want it to cure well enough before I start to disturb it. But there's other things that can be done. Nothing much, but something is far better than none, I have been told a few times. 
The daughter is washing and polishing her motorbike, and I got this car I should have done something similar to. I will wait. The weather will turn to worse one of the next days, probably, and make a pigstie out of the thing again. I think it would be possible to plant potatoes directly onto the side of it now, and bring in a quite nice harvest in a few months time. 

Else... I'm taking a few snaps now and then. Testing a couple of cameras, of course. I seem to always be testing and not snapping much for fun. It's only talk, though. It sounds better when the results are a bit on the rough side if it's just a test rather than an attempt to do a proper photograph, me thinks. That's why I'm testing, all the time. 
Right now it's one of them Nikon F3P cameras, and that forever lasting film inside the Kodak Coloursnap 35 camera thing. I think I will finish that one off some time today. There's not too many frames left now, it seems. I will bring you results if I get any. It's a promise.

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