torsdag 28. april 2016

Very quick one!

Just to tell you I've used this fine day in a number of ways. 
Scanning a few films, hauled out the very long jib boom or whatever you call it in the foreign language, scared away a few cats (and neighbours probably) with a small quad drone I won at the christmas lottery on board the ship, walked around the too big garden checking what's next should we get some nice temperature soon. Probably a few more things as well, but I will leave that for another day. Oh, and I made another camera. Pinhole one, as you do when you feel the need for one coming up. Small cardboard box this time. Square kind of thing. I used the best part of three or four minutes making the thing up, so nothing fancy at all mind you. 
Tomorrow is another day, and I got things to do it seems. 

Me and the younger daughter went for a walk a few days ago. She carried the Diana F+ camera, while I was struggling to empty the roll inside that old Kodak Colorsnap 35 thing. The film had been sitting there for almost a year, and I was quite keen to see if there was anything on it at all. Well, it was, but you will have to wait to see anything of it. They were over exposed, most of the frames anyway. Still you will get the idea, I hope. It's kind of cool, actually. 
Well, the daughter found a few sheep down by the sea, and jumped over the fence to see if they were kind of tame enough to fasten on the old ORWO NP22 film from the old East German kind of country, or republic as it happen. Other side of the old heavy curtain, as you remember. Made in the 70's some time, but still seems to be fresh enough to make sheep render nice enough don't you think?

She managed to make all three of them stick inside the small frame of that Diana F+, the daughter. Must have been lucky, or she's got some kind of talent for it. I don't know. What I do know is that she went away with the camera, after her father had put a fresh film inside after this walk, and I have not seen it since. It's probably either left at some party, or the film is not finished off yet. I bet I get the film in return when it's due to be developed though... and maybe even the camera on a good day. 

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  1. that's what a Norwegian sheep looks like then. Same as ours, actually :) Great snap there by your daughter with the DianaF+ - I like the vignetting effect, which presumably you get for free :)

  2. They look quite similar for sure, Michael. Not that I'm to be considered a knower of the different sheep kind of things, but still. They got four legs and a fur to be jealous of.
    There's a lot that comes for free with the DianaF+. The vignetting is one of them, the lousy focus mechanism and the extreme light weight and strange shutter would be a couple of others. I like it anyway, but not for the extreme high quality of the thing... as you might understand :)


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