tirsdag 26. april 2016

Another long night

At least finished off before 5 in the morning this time. Not to bad, everything taken into account. I have used the time well, by the way. Developed something like 6 films, believe it or not. 3 of each size. 
I was up early as well, because I had to drive my wife to work this morning. Tomorrow will be early again, because I got work to do outside the house. Cutting things, as it happens. Nope, it's not the lawn yet as that one only barely became free of snow this afternoon. We got this hedge, you see. With very long branches and stuff on the plants. They would need some cutting, I have been told... 

Same pub as yesterday. You remember the place they wanted to buy all my best cameras and such... Luckily I got away just after this fox was duly snapped up. It all went inside the rangefinder and stayed there until I came home. 

I did a few pinhole snaps today as well, you should know. All the ones from yesterday were ruined bigtime. I recon my improvised darkroom at the cottage was not that dark anyway. Well, I knew it was not, but I found myself with no other option as for yesterday. Today I made a different approach and ended up with a couple of useful frames. Nothing less.
I found a few boxes of that thin and very nice Agfa Brovira paper in one of my drawers upstairs which I immediately put into some good use. I might need to cut a few of them to make a nice paper negative or two. I like paper negatives, at least to a certain degree. At least when I put them inside one of the Mamiya cameras, or something else useful.

This? Nah, nothing to worry too much about. It's just the captain. Still over three weeks until I see them again. A bit strange, but good as well. As long as it's not for a too long period of time, at least. Same camera as above. Different film though.

I should pull myself together and get to bed, actually. I can feel I'm a bit past 25 when it comes to this part of the day. Late nights and such, you know. 

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