mandag 18. april 2016

Diana F+ prints

A few of the snaps I managed to take around the cathedral of York when we were thereabouts a few months ago could actually be printed. Well, it depends a wee bit on how you look at it, but I'm quite pleased with them after all.
They seem to be dark where they should be dark, and very light where that came naturally. I could very well live without the extremely white light from up front there, but then again theres nothing much I can do about it, it seems. I tried for a short while, but will have to try again and with a different approach. If I bother, that is...

It's from inside that huge cathedral in York. I like this building, I must say. And I quite like this print even though I maybe should wish the light up front to the right was a little less prominent... It was snapped handheld in "B" mode on the Diana F+ plastic toy camera. Oh yes, there's movement inside. But it's OK anyway, me thinks. It was printed on Ilford FB warm tone paper, by the way. 

The weather? Oh, it's wet and grey, since you ask.
Actually, I got some film I could just as well waste on a day like this, so I might go and do just that sometime today. Or I might find other things to do.
I will not go out and do regular work, for sure. That can just as well wait until the weather has settled for a little bit better, I would say. I mean, this decking outside is nothing I must get ready in a day or two, leaving me a little bit calm about the whole thing.

Another one. Same camera, same method of exposure, on the same roll of film and printed onto the same type of paper. They might get hung on some wall, some day. But I don't know...

And I need to pull myself together and post a little more often, maybe?

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  1. Nice prints Roy - both leave something for the viewer to figure out for themselves, which I like.


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