tirsdag 2. februar 2016

We drove westwards

Sunday, it was. Just a couple of days ago, and we felt like getting out of the house to go see something. You know, waves, clean air, a lighthouse and some good old sea water. Stuff like that.
We went out to one of the very small islands west of the town, where the North Sea meets the old country, right at the spot where it was a wee bit windy just before the weekend. You know the kind of place, I guess.
It's just a matter of getting ones back end into a car and drive for half an hour or so. Nothing like it used to be back in the days when you had to struggle with ferries and things to get there. Nowadays we got holes to drive through. Under the sea and everything. They built the things some time in the mid 80's when I lived away from home to go learn maths, physics and such. I learned a few other things as well, but I'll spare you from any details.
Anyway, the point is that we got away from the house out and about, way out west to where the sea have waves that crash into the old rugged shoreline and where you can think thoughts about stuff that matters... or nothing at all.
We went there, and it was all good. As it usually is. 
The light was kind of interesting, as we arrived, which was all due to some really bad weather coming in, which we should notice just half an hour later. Or so...

A small family, and a dog-thing on top of that stone there. They went away before the weather changed to worse.

It started off with a crazy hailstorm, gradually changing into some very wet, sleety snow-stuff. There was a lot of it, and I kid you not. Everything was covered in snow in just about no time at all, and we agreed that the good walk was kind of over, almost before it even had really started. Had a tough walk back to the car though, but every soul was counted as we approached the thing and none got lost in the blizzard. Couldn't see a thing, as you might have figured out. We are quite used to getting ourselves into situations like this, though, living around these areas you know. 

A few shades of grey. If you're keen counting them, that is.

Luckily I brought a couple of german cameras, as they have been sitting idle for too long already by now, and managed to snap a few before all this broke loose. As an afterthought I don't know exactly why I brought exactly those cameras, silent ones as you should know, as you probably would not even hear a bomb exploding in the area anyway because of the weather and crashing waves and all that stuff. 
Anyway, I found them, my two german cameras, to become in the state of filling up with melted snow soon enough. The film even jammed in the newish one of the two. Inside the black one that was, a thing made in the eighties some time. Everything seemed to be good inside the elder one though. That's the thing built in 1960 as it happens, and probably to a tad higher standard than the later model. I don't know, but I like to think so. It could also be some hassle with the film causing it to jam, but we will probably never know (I hope...).
At least that led to the next step, me being able to show a couple of snaps from just before the weather came in, as I got myself around some developing yesterday. Did a couple of 135 sized ones, and a few 120 rolls as well. Nothing there that we have not seen before, mind you, but at least I got something fresh to post. There should be more to show when the day comes that I get that other film developed as well. The one that's still lurking inside the old german. I think that should be some good Ilford FP4+. The ones posted here are Ilford HP5+. I kind of like both films for some reason. I need to see if I can find a shop selling the stuff over in England when I go there next week. Over here the price is going through the roof at the moment, so I better try source something locally somewhere as I move around. 
I might even be able to get another post out before I go. It's still a few days until sunday, so it should be possible, me thinks. 
Right now I'm scanning 120 film... so stay tuned. Lots of weird stuff, as it happens. Things snapped with that old english camera with a bellow and all. Looks like most of them are double or triple exposures though, so you might not like them at all. We'll find out soon enough, I guess. 

Things like this, since you ask. 6x9 on 120 film. 

And there are also things snapped quite a while ago inside that old Rolleiflex mechanical wonder machine I got lurking around. Makes me wonder why I'm not using that one more often, as I always do when I look at pictures made inside that old box. There's something sweet about that Carl Zeiss 80mm f/2.8 Planar lens for sure!
I will come back to them. I promise :)

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  1. Now that sounded like an eventful day out, Roy. And you did well to get some really great snaps in the middle of all that weather. I hope the newer german camera is OK - in times like that I usually take a point-and-shoot with me, one that I don't really care too much about if it gets dropped in the sea or whatever.

    1. It seems to work well, thank you!
      I brought the black thing out for a longish drive today, but it did not get into any good use as I had the car full of cameras. The weather is to blame, again, but I got something on film anyway. Mainly Mamiya RZ things on bigger rolls today, as I was in that kind of mood obviously. Even carried the thing around on my shoulder for a while, and it was good. Don't know anything about the results yet, but I might find out tomorrow if I can find a few hours to get something developed. I even brought a Diana F+ plastic thing loaded with an ancient roll of Delta 100 film from back in the "happy" 90's. I'm a wee bit curious about that one, to be honest.
      Have a good look on this channel in a couple of days, and I might have an answer or two...


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