lørdag 20. februar 2016

The Last Snap

You know the thing about the last snap, of course! At least if you're a film waster! That last frame of the film, that you just have to throw away on something quite random? 
If you don't see what I'm talking about then please be my guest and show me one single INTERESTING last frame of any film snapped, any time or any year. There's not too many of those. Believe me!

This is the story of this one:
You are out there on this island, and you're getting short on time before the tide comes in to separate you from the main land for the next 12 hours. And you got those plane tickets to Norway that is not refundable, the plane is full and no more tickets to be sold for the next day. And you are out there on that island, up there in Northumbria, far away from Lundene, and you just have to go to the toilet which you can't find. 
I mean, you see the road signs and all that should lead you straight to it, but you still can't find it. And time flies...
Then you find it, in the end, and you got those two bags of camera equipment that you don't want to leave outside. So you wait, because the wife also need to go in there... so she goes in first, just so she can have her good eyes to guard the things when you are in there, just so none run away with those german cameras and such. 

Well... and of course as she's inside there for a while, a small bus is lining up in front of the toilet building. And yes, there's a school class inside... All boys, of course, and every single one of them carries full bladders. They suddenly throw themselves off the bus and into the gentlemens end of the small building, just as the wife finally turns up from the female side of the thing. I just wish I had the same luck when playing Lotto or whatever. I mean, what's the odds for this kind of happening?
So, what would you do then, in the meantime... while standing out there waiting for this horde of wee individuals getting finished and head off into their bus to leave the island?
You pick up one of those german cameras, of course! The oldest one with one single frame left on that fine Ilford FP4+ hidden inside, and snap a tree... and a house or three, obviously.

It's a tree, on Lindisfarne. And you can easily spot it from outside the toilet building there beside that parking lot where you  are not allowed to park unless you're driving a big van, a couch or whatever. And if a busload of young boys should appear as you want to go into the toilet building, then scream out and make your way into the place before they understand what's happening, because if you let them go first you may end up thinking they use too much time... Just saying...!

So that's what I did... snapped that tree on the other side of the parking place located just beside the toilet building, while I was waiting for that noisy bunch of lads to run onto their bus and make space and room for me, myself. 
We got off the sandy piece of land in time, and the airplane left Gatwick with all them ticket holders on board, ourselves included. And no, there were no vacant seats. And yes, there were a lot of annoying norwegians on board.

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  1. Great post! Glad you made it...to the toilet and also off the island and onto the plane. I am usually in the airport at least 2 hours before I have to be...I am not a good traveller. Look forward to the rest of the snaps&stories from your little trip!

    1. Thanks, Michael. We had plenty of time for the plane as it happens, but it would all have become very tight if we became stuck for like 12-14 hrs. for some reason. I like to be at the airport in due time myself as well. I don't like stress on airports.

  2. And The Last Snap - that's good. I like that. Trouble is, I have 6 of those 'last snaps' at the minute in my old 6x6 folder. I want them finished, gone so I can develop and maybe print some more masterpieces. But we must be patient, us film users, no?

    1. I know, I know... patience is all in this game at times. I got something very similar to 6 frames left inside my own 6x6 as well, thinking about it as you brought it up right now. I should probably fire them off some time soon, just to see what's on those first frames on the film?! Or we may wait until there's some better light outside. Today is a horrible day for any snapping. I'm at the cottage looking into the thick gray stuff, you know.


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