torsdag 4. februar 2016

I mentioned that old Rolleiflex

Probably at some point in my latest post, I mentioned it. 
And I mentioned that I use it too little, and too much time is spent between the times I actually use it. I have not analyzed this deeply, but if I did I could end up with a conclusion saying "you got too many cameras" or something similar down that line. So I leave it be.

OK, so the old box is more a portrait machine than anything else. It draws nice portraits though, as long as you manage to let the right amount of good light through that old lens. I was probably a bit lucky here. There is no functioning light meter on the thing, of course. For some reason there's no such thing as a functioning light meter on the majority of my cameras, but that's a different story, 
for another day.

I still got the old thing, and I even know exactly where I have it stored. Not hard to find at all, and I check it every now and then... that it's still there you know, and that the film counter still says "5" and things like that. 
It's loaded with Tri-X, I think. Or maybe even HP5 with a bit of luck. 

I don't know what you may call this, though?! It's probably not called a portrait for sure, but I kind of like the shapes of things in here anyway. The stonework, sculptured by the sea through a few million years, just adds to it. 

It's a chunky, quite heavy, brickyish feeling over the old thing. It holds a good Planar lens, or two, and the shutter sounds like most other german cameras. Like lubricated in a river of butter. Melted butter, probably. 
It's that smooth. 

Here's what the Rolleiflex totally NOT is: a snapper of moments you noticed would come, but didn't think of capturing until you did it anyway. In a hurry, of course. Focusing this thing is a bit tedious, and with my old eyes it's getting a bit frustrating at times. There's some good focus in here though, if you look a bit way into the picture somewhere. It was a very nice dog, by the way. Didn't bite at all, very unlike our cat...

I had to go to a meeting today. A good couple of hours drive away from home, over a wide fjord in a ferry, over to the area where my grandfather and great grandfather grew up a century or more ago. 
I went away early, to have 6-7 hours to see stuff before the meeting. 
I brought a car full of cameras. And film. And myself.
The weather went crazy again, as it usually does, but I snapped a few with one of those big Mamiya RZ's I got laying around as a couple of them happened to be in the car without me even knowing about them until I was on the ferry. See? Having too many cameras can turn into something very good before you know any of it! 
There might be something to post in a few days time. 

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