lørdag 27. februar 2016

O' yes. Still kicking!

A short timelapse and update, mostly from friday:

- Went to bed around 01.00 (am that is…)
- Woke up at 04.15 (that’s still am folks)
- Dipped my face in some cold water to make my eyes see things
- Grabbed hold of my pre-packed stuff and went to the car
- Drove off to the airport
- Got on the plane in due time
- Arrived Peterhead quite a few hours later after changing planes, taken a few taxis and drinking some bad coffee
- Found the boat and got on board
- Got some food, as I was very hungry by now
- Supposed to go to work, but ended up on the sofa… 
- Could not sleep
- Went down to do some work anyway
- Sleep

The view from the island called Godøya, towards my home town. The town is hidden behind the mountain. You see the one with the quite characteristic profile, I guess? It's the "Sukkertoppen", if since you so kindly asked.

Today, saturday, has been a bit better. I’m still sleepy though, so will make an early end of this day as well if possible.

Ona. The lighthouse and the extra lighthouse. You see one serves one function, the other serves another and different function. Has to do if you need to sail in, or if you're just passing by far out at sea. There's quite a difference between the two things. Obviously...!

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  1. Great depth to that first shot there Roy - I like it a lot. And two lighthouses, eh? Impressive stuff. Keep them coming my friend - stories and photos...when you get your energy levels restored, that is :)

    1. Thanks again, Michael. Too kind, as usual :))
      As for the energy levels I feel that I'm slowly getting there. Just got back the internet connection on board, so I might post a bit more the next couple of weeks. If I can find something to write about, that is. And a few snaps to go along with the words, of course. Not that I'm particulary picky about letting the words go along with the snaps, anyway. We'll see what I can find hidden somewhere inside of that computer.


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