fredag 5. februar 2016

ℬ!0$µ #3!!

Not the best of things, as you might understand! 
Not too happy with my latest photos and such. It's not like the end is near, or anything, but annoying for sure. Read on, if you're interested...

As I mentioned in the end of my last post I was out and about in a meeting a couple of days ago. Wednesday it was, and I took a trip over the quite wide fjord, up a short bit north to the place where my grandfather and his old father grew up. It was absolutely great, despite the weather and everything, and I even managed to snap a few in between it all.
With a couple of the bulky Mamiyas, that was. Medium format, as it happens, and so far all should be good.
I developed the few films yesterday, and it became apparent that there's an issue with one of my film backs for the Mamiya RZ system I got laying around the house, one bit here and another one there. As you might know, the RZ system is more or less "Duplo" based, meaning you can build it up as you like. All main parts can be taken apart and swapped around more or less as you wish.

One of the snaps on one of the couple of films I went through this day. Nothing strange to see in here, as far as I can see. It's getting worse though!!

I got something like five or six film backs for the things, and on this particular wednesday I used the one marked with a No.1 label.
And it leaks. It probably leaks all kind of stuff, but in this case it leaks light, which is absolutely no good, as you might can tell by the look of the scans.

See what I mean? It's on a level that makes the thing dedicated for special use only if I can't get the thing repaired. The strange looks might be as a result of the fact that a pola filter was attached to the lens at the moment.

I know you need to shine some light onto the film to get pictures, but it has to be let inside in fairly the right amount, and in the right kind of way to make a good snap.
Even my Diana F+ plastic camera thing leaks less light than this film back, so I need to buy some stuff to make a good repair. New seals, that is.

And again! All snaps but two or three on two different films got the same thing at the exact same spot. This is a cool bridge by the way. The entire road is actually a cool road to drive. The Atlantic Road it is. And yes, that's what they decided to call it the day they had it finished some time back in the late 80's. It's actually ranked as No.1 on The Guardians list over the worlds best road trips. Bet that was new to you!? Maybe some folks from The Guardian should travel a bit more around in their own country? What happened to The Golden Road out there west in the UK... just to give one small example. Well... The Atlantic Road is nice, but probably a bit different.

Trouble is that you need to shoot through an entire film to know if it's all good after the repair, but being the lucky owner of a pile of B&W photographic paper I may also cut a few pieces of that to do more simple tests on the things before loading proper film inside. Sounds a bit more economical to do it that way, actually.

Here you go! A car in the night. Diana F+ "Plastic Fantastic" switched to "B" mode and held open for about a couple of seconds and a half, handheld trying to follow the car on the road the best I could. Now that's a proper snap, me thinks.  No light leaks either!

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  1. Love the mountain one, Roy - and looks like the Diana will be a fun camera to use!

    1. It's brilliant, as it happens, thank you! Well, maybe not exactly brilliant in the true meaning of the word though, but still great for this kind of thing. I used it a bit over at the other side of the North Sea a few days ago. I might post a few quite soonish :)
      Thanks for the liking of the mountain thing. It came out quite close to what I wanted if you look a bit beyond the unsharpness of things. I blame the scanner a bit... as you do when you got no one else to blame :)

  2. Love that car snap! Got a quality about it :-)

    1. Thank you Andrea! Thought you might like that one :)
      Scanning other stuff from the same light tightish plastic box now, so stay tuned.


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