lørdag 6. februar 2016

A couple of snaps then, before I go

It's been a slow day. Nothing important done, just packed the bag and some cameras to bring over to England tomorrow. On request from the wife I also brought a pixel snapper. Not to sure if I'm going to give that one to much exercise though.

This is what happens when you try to snap all frames on the film, as in being a real cheepo. The first frame is never full size, and in addition it will always be a sloppy taken one as well. Every now and then something turns up anyway.

My son just came through the door. Brought his fantastic Gibson Hummingbird guitar and all. Playing a few great tunes for his old father. I like the sound of that instrument!

Here she is, my youngest offspring, again. This time on a walkway made for wheelchair users to be able to get around in the terrain around the Atlantic Road I was talking about yesterday or whenever. It was a good walk even though the weather was a bit cold.

I have this pixel shooter, as I told you about. Fancy thing called Fujifilm X-pro1. I started to worry a bit about the sim card, or whatever it is inside the thing... if it was starting to fill up and things like that. Could not find anything inside the menu thing telling me about what I wanted to know. Luckily my son is still here. He found out in a nick of time. Around 2500 snaps left on the little thing should be plenty enough for the next ten years I suppose. 

Another Diana F+ snap from Wednesday. Obviously snapped on "B" this one as well as it was quite dark at the time. The weather was not very good, as you might see.

Nah... it's midnight folks, and I need to be up around 5.30 to get on that plane in time. See you in a week or so. I will not bring my computer over, only the phone. I might send you a few updates if I feel like :)

It's that bridge again, seen from the other side. Light leak on this one as well, but not the worst one. 

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