tirsdag 16. februar 2016

Home again...

As we were away, as you might remember from the last few posts. 
Back home to snow and wintery weather, as we had quite very little of that over there in the UK over the last week. Of course it was cold, quite windy and wet weather over there as well, but not to bad to tell you the truth. At least there was little snow. Just a few hail storms and slush coming down. This week will get a bit worse, at least according to the forecast.
We rented a car to be able to get around as we wanted. Cheapest option, as usual, and as per normal we ended up inside a smallish Vauxhall Corsa with an even tinier 1.2 ltr. engine installed. They called it a city car, as you do, and was getting a fair bit carried away when they discovered the miles gained over the week. As usual... you know. 
So, everything was as it should regarding the transport and all, and it seems I managed driving on the "wrong side" quite well this trip also. Not to easy, mind you, until you have successfully passed the first couple of few roundabouts without any big mistakes done. Then everything is only getting better, actually. 

Look at this! Remember the old ancient Ba-game? Well, here's the Ba itself just before it was thrown into the masses and never again to be seen in daylight. It was the chap holding it also throwing the thing away. I thought he might never let it go by the way he clung to it for quite a while that very morning. Then again, that's how they do it... and have always done. 

I got nothing to show you yet, from the trip anyway, as only a few 120 rolls has been developed this far. They were all snapped on that plastic Diana F+ camera, so probably will not give much of a result anyway, as it happens. But who knows? We'll have to wait until the films has passed through the scanner to get some kind of answer, I'm afraid. They are still to wet to go through that process yet, so please bear with me for a moment or five.

Hey! I got snaps from that modern camera with batteries inside and everything! Canon thing, as you might remember I got from the Skipper as he will never again load an old film into any camera anyway. Looks good, not? Teleish lens and all it got that nice thing. I'm not a big user of such, but I might learn...

I also brought a couple of range finding cameras, but those films will have to wait for their wet baths until tomorrow it seems. I got things to do, you know... other stuff than wetting films, inside the home and such. Laundry to be taken care of while the wife is away to earn a shilling or two, and something to be eaten in the making, as she will be home in an hour or so. 

And another one from the same camera, just to show it takes fairly 
nice exposures all the way through the film. 

I also brought a digital snapper, just because it's handy to have around when friends and family want to have a glimpse of what you have been up to during your days away over there across the sea. I got nothing much to show them either. Just saying!

Tomorrow is another day. I might post a couple from that Diana plastic camera thing then. There's a few rolls strung up drying now, so I might get a snap or three out of them on a good day, if that will be the case as tomorrow comes. 

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