mandag 22. februar 2016

The Fishermens Villages of Eastern Yorkshire

We were driving a bit around, as you know, when we were visiting old Britain not too long ago. We have seen some pieces of it by now, but never have had the time to have a good look at the north eastern parts of England. As you know we were visiting the tidal island of Lindisfarne in that area, and from there we drove south a wee bit, into one of them towns not too far from the coast. Middlesbrough in this case. Nothing much to see there, but I found a nice pub to be honest.
The only reason we visited this town was that my step daughter is studying right there, at Teeside University for the moment, and that we wanted to take her for a drive a wee bit down the coast to see things. Take in some fresh air and such. You know, things the youth don't really see the point in doing.
As she was in the middle of a project these days, she brought her camera along as well. It's just that the youth are not always caring about bringing everything needed. Not to many snaps were taken until she proclaimed that the battery inside the pixel collector she brought along, were dead. You know... black screen, nothing working anymore. So much for her school project then... Well, as she got a step father carrying cameras in plenty, she got out of the situation in a kind of good way. I also had a pixelating unit inside my camera bag on this trip, but I did not tell her at first. Instead I loaded a brand new film into the Diana F+, plastic fantastic, and made her struggle with that thing for a little while. Would be cool to see if she could get something to stick on film, I thought. 

Not a stupid idea to print this around actually, hence one of my recent posts on norwegian brains touring the british isles. This snap was snapped by Astrid, using the Diana F+

She might be well enough pleased with a couple of them, me thinks. I have just sent them over to her, so don't know yet. I take the chance and post one anyway. 
When the film was done I handed over my electronic light capturer to her. I have no idea what good use she made of it, though. 

Small part of Staithes. Kind of the back side some way. Looks like the tide water reach all the way up here. 

I ended up using some range finding things around these streets. Staithes on the coast of Yorkshire was a beautiful place for sure. Proper narrow streets, or street to be more exact, and a good sheltered beach and harbor. 

Staithes, as seen from the other end of town. Low tide as we were stepping on the beach down there. I think they got one of the biggest and strongest barriers towards the North Sea I have ever seen. It's a monster!

We were not lingering around Staithes the whole day. Had to take a look further down the coast as well when we had the chance. I will come back with more.

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