torsdag 25. februar 2016

I re-tuned my guitar

Not The Guitar, but the old g# electric one. You know the short thing constructed, and in a few cases made by, Øivind Fjell over here in Norway. A lot of great musicians own one, but you rarely see it played on stage by some hot shot guitar player. That's probably why I loved to see this then, Unni Wilhelmsen playing the old Joni Mitchell tune "Both Sides Now" a few weeks ago on norwegian TV2, using one of her g# guitars. Check the link folks. There's some lovely music in there to please your ears.
She's got quite a few of them small g# guitars, mind you, but then again she's a guitar player. A good one as well, she is. Just saying. 

I only got one of these guitars, but that's enough for me, being more or less only a sofa player.
I also got a real guitar. I got a few real guitars, to speak the truth, but the Real Real guitar would be the Martin D-35. It's The Thing, you see. Maybe not the most common Martin, as the D-28 would be the one usually considered by musicians to be The Thing. 
Anyway, they look and sounds quite similar, but they are not the exact same construction. There are some noticeable differences there on the backside, as you might expect. That's where the D-35 is quite different to all the other D's. Even though I think the D-35 got a wee bit more power in the low end of things you can still hear that they are related to each other. 

And oh yes, I got a short thing to show you on the D-35 as well, if you please would let me? Do you happen to know Paula? Me neither, but I have been known to like her playing a lot since I discovered her "Guitar Shop Tour" around Britain a few years ago. She mainly travelled around, visiting guitar shops to play different guitars taken straight from the shop walls. Played each song from her then new album "Fingers and Thumbs" she did. Well, go ahead and check them all out, but you will have to begin right here on "Back to the Start" . Recorded inside the walls of "Vintage'n Rare Guitars" down there in Bath and everything. On E.C's old Martin D-35 she played, on that true tone-machine from the 60's. I hope you got better sound on your computers than I got on mine...!

Well, I just wanted to show you why I re-tuned that small g# guitar into something more open and lifelike. Every now and then I fall into the open tuning pit, and then I usually stay there for a while. Makes your brain work on into music in a totally different way, it does. Or makes me think I can't play at all... 
These two girls I just showed you both play a lot in open tunings. As Joni Mitchell used to do, as well, back in the days. 

A snap from one of those totally messed up films I told you about a few days ago. The ones bathed in that old and exhausted fix, you know. Well, it adds a certain effect to the frames at least. I'm not convinced it's all to the best though. This example looks quite good I must say. It's the old cathedral of York, as it happens. Big thing, it is.

I'm leaving tomorrow, as you probably know if you follow this blog a bit. 
Packing my bag just now, just so I don't have to use the whole evening doing that. 
The cat has come back in after spending the night outside with the fur full of snow, now laying there on her blanket doing what she knows the best. Being deep asleep, that is. 
I woke up early, drove my wife off to work as I might need the car during the day. Then I went home to re-tune my guitar and get the coffee on. Now it's time to sit down by the window, have a good cup and look out there on the fjord while deciding what pictures to post along with the words today. 
Life is good on days like this. All quiet, all good. Except for the weather though, but I have given that bit up for a while. I think.

And another one. From the same film. I think this is one of the closures up there in the old part of Edinburgh. Snapped in the middle of the night it is. Probably after a visit to the pub, I guess. 

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