fredag 22. januar 2016

And I got this boat

More snow shuffeling today, as I also got this boat I need to take care of during the wintertime as well. Not that it was a big job compared to what has been done lately, but it all adds up as we know. The water line was a bit low this morning, meaning there was a tonne or two of snow on deck. No problem as long as the snow is dry, like today, but would turn into a nightmare if rain start falling. Happy to say that I managed to get it away before that happened.

Done on my pixel collecting phone... as you do when you're more busy doing other things than taking good snaps. Anyway, here it is again... my boat. I finally found it there, under all that snow covering every square centimeter of it. I'm looking forward to summer, I have to say...

I made dinner today. Fish, as it happens. Cod, lightly salted. A local speciality probably, and the best meal you can have. We ate a lot! I can hardly keep my eyes open at the moment. It's good if you need a good sleep as well.

We need a couple of real ones, as well. You see where these were snapped, not to long ago. 50mm lens, I think. An old dinosaur I got lingering inside one of my photo bags. 

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  1. Svar
    1. It's great and lovely, Andrea. Looks more like a pile of snow in these images though, but better today luckily :) Almost all snow gone, so now I just hope it's for good this winter, although I am very aware that there are still a couple of months left of the possible snow season over here.


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