lørdag 6. februar 2016

Packing the bag, again

Tomorrow I'm flying over to the UK again. Pleasure this time, which is always nice. I like it a lot over there for some reason. Flying in to Gatwick on the south side of the big city, hire a car and drive north to York. Will spend a day or two there, before driving further up north. The plan is to reach Edinburgh at some point, then down south to visit my step daughter who's a student in Middlesbrough for the time being. Need to take her on a short weekend trip as well, since we are over there anyway and since she's probably short of cash, and since she most likely has a load of other things on her priority list than traveling around seeing stuff. A students life, I know.

A print of this fine negative was just mailed away over to a certain recipient in North Ireland. Duly printed on a tiny small sheet of  beautiful Ilford FB Classic paper and all. The print looks a lot better than this film scan. Just sayin'... 

I don't have much more to say right now, I think. Need to go pack the rest of the stuff. Not that it's a lot, mind you. Just a couple of cameras, some film and whatever I need in addition to that. Don't know yet which cameras I will bring, but probably some smallish ones. Germans, I guess.
Then I'm off tomorrow morning, not to return until next Monday.

I like this for a number of reasons. Need to print it some day! It's old as the hills. Something I snapped some time during the 90's. And yes, I have posted this before.

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  1. He's right, you know - the print is better :) Lovely shot.

    1. Phew... Glad you liked it, and happy to learn I'm not posting lies all over this place!

  2. I'd keep posting this one. Lovely.

  3. I'd keep posting this one. Lovely.


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