mandag 22. februar 2016

The Wintery Light

It's a bit strange how you can wake up one wintery morning, open one eye and get totally blown away by a fantastic scene outside. 
Not that the scene itself is any much different from what it is every day, but the light falling onto the old mountains can often be very different from one morning to the next. 

I know... this has been posted before, several times, but there might be new readers never seen a portrait of them mountains over at the other side of the fjord from the cottage. This was done seen through a 21mm lens on a german rangefinder, mind you, so those mountains will appear a bit more majestic when you see them through your own eyes. Furthermore this was on a fine spring day, not the wintery morning I'm talking about in this post.

We live at the cottage these days, and among other things that means having the bed positioned in such a way that you wake up overlooking the big fjord, and the high mountains over there at the other side of the water. That's when the weather is good. When the weather is winterly you usually wake up seeing nothing but a bit of water, and a thick, gray, murky and muddy wall out there in the middle of the fjord.
This morning, however, I woke up to one of the most fantastic scenes ever. There were snow banks coming in around the mountains as usual, but there was an opening in the clouds somewhere, in such a way that the mountains were overthrown in sunlight which was carefully and nicely filtrated through some of them clouds. A very warm, yellowish color in contrast to all that cold white snow. It looked good, I can assure you.
I'm glad there are no neighbors watching me around here, at this time of year anyway, because in no time at all I found myself outside with a couple of cameras in hand to try capture some of that beautiful light,
only dressed in what I just slept in as I know time is an issue at this time of year. 
I didn't quite make it, of course, because as this is winter and the wind is trowing things around in the sky quite quickly, the light had changed quite a lot just in the single short minute I used to get out of bed and outside between the cottage and the sea. 
What a sight it must have been... an almost naked man more or less only dressed in big boots standing there while the snow is falling down around him, and he's snapping away like a maniac. 

More like in this snap, the mountains will appear to your eyes when you wake up in that bed. And a bit more like this it looked this morning as the sun broke through to light up the old stones standing tall over there on the other side of the water. I got nothing of that to show you yet, of course, since the snaps will still be hidden inside my camera for quite a while. And yes, this has also been posted before. It's just there in an attempt to add a bit of substance to the words, you see.

Back inside again, a few minutes later when the view had become murk, gray and muddy again, I opened the computer to start write these few words around the experience. I realized then that my friend Michael, over there in the North East Liberties of the oldish North Ireland also had seen some nice light lately, and even written a few words about it just minutes earlier. Go read it, because there's a nice snap in there in addition to a good tutorial on how to get it duly transferred from the negative over to some photographic paper. 

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