torsdag 18. februar 2016

Film then, and now

I have seen it before, and again both today and yesterday... and a lot, lately.
New film sucks, as it curves and curls a lot. Old film seems to stay flat and quite nicely, like film should. It's a hassle, you know, to get the thing straight enough to do a proper scan or a print in there in the darkroom.
I just scanned some film that has been laying curved up on a spool inside a tiny box since the late 70's. It came out flat as a pancake, and was doing all good inside the scanner.
My brand new and fresh Tri-X looks like those old telephone cables you might remember from a few years back?

We went to a place where the streets were narrow and quite steep at times. And where some of the houses were tall, but with a small footprint. I guess they had to build them that way because of the terrain and things like that. I used one of the german cameras, with a wide lens as you might see. 21mm it is, in fact, and that's not very long!

It just hit me, that's all... and I had to write about it to get it out of the system.
But then, it also hit me, that my FP4+ film from yesterday looked all good. Nice that somebody still know how to do things, even in 2016!

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