onsdag 24. februar 2016

Just got my ticket in hand

It's about time again, I heard this morning. Time again, to get out of the house and away to get some work done out in that big blue. Looks like I'm flying to Peterhead, which is located in Scotland up there north of the English people and quite a bit south of me. Someone was whispering words about a job somewhere east of there, which would be the North Sea I would say.
I did, however, get an extra day at home though. My scheduled day to get out would normally be thursday, but as nothing seems to be normal anymore the ticket is not valid until early friday morning. Botheration...

A true pixel collector with his tripod and all sorts. He might even got a snap or two, for all I know. He's a good lad though, and had his first snap appearing as the "Picture of the Week" inside the local newspaper a couple of weeks ago and all. And a great shot it was as well, just saying. I might show it to you another day, or at least in a different post. This one is getting full of all other sorts.

In the meantime I show you these. It's something that sticked on a film from that other day, quite a few weeks ago now, when the waves were good and the weather cold. The Day We Went Out West to have a good look at it all, when one of my german cameras filled up with sleet and snow which in turn made a flood of water to make the film stick inside... and such. That was the day I'm talking about. 
The other german rangefinder was not too troubled with issues like that, and the film came out in one piece and all. 

See? Here comes not the sun, but rather a quite heavy bank of snow rolling in from the sea. Together with the waves, that is. And the wind. And one of my cameras flooded, and we had to return to the car. As you know from before.

The weather have it's ups and downs today as well. Snow banks rolling in from the sea, but no wind as for yet. It could suddenly turn and get worse, though. I say worse, because it always seems to get worse. I see the sun is shining down outside here and down into the fjord right now, but it's just that same old trick again. Believe me, it's only going to get worse. Until it's getting better, that is... in a few months from now. Hopefully.

And again. A bit closer to the island it had come, and this was the last we ever saw this day to be honest. The rest was just all white. Kid you not!

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  1. Very nice moody shots there Roy - love them. And how you managed to get those little people just to stand in the right place as well - that's very impressive :)

    The lad on the rocks (first photograph) did worry me. Every year there are always some people who stand on the rocks like that around where I live that end up at the bottom of the sea. It looks a little too close for comfort for my liking...

    1. Thanks Michael.
      To less your worries a bit I can say that the worst thing that could have happened here was that he could have wet his feet a bit if he had fallen in. The waves was all crushed to pieces well before this point, and out here we never get those very big ones coming in occasionally and unpredictably. It basically looks a wee bit worse than it really is. The current here is also worth mentioning, as it's nothing compared to what you guys have running around your beaches at times.
      But yes, I totally agree that being careful is what will keep you alive in the long run. If worst case stuff happened he would not be able to live for long before freezing to death, so there are dangers here as well.


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