tirsdag 1. mars 2016

No real internet, but we will get some soon!

Short update from the sea;

As you might see there’s not too many words appearing from this direction right now, and there’s an explanation to it all. We got no internet. Or, we obviously do, as I manage to post this, but it’s a bit on the expensive end to say the least. Usually we got free internet on board, but there’s been a minor happening over in Norway causing it to fail. Big barge, anchor, dredging in bad weather and there you go. No internet as a result. Hope they have it fixed some time tomorrow though, so we can only cross fingers and wait for it to happen.

In the meantime I've got to be on that expensive sattelite to get a few words out from here. And a snap, or two. 20 GBP for 750 MB of down and upload… that’s a lot of money for a tiny bit of pleasure.

Todays snaps? Well… old stuff, to be honest.
It's two that I like, though. 

The one from the backside, or actually the front side, of the lighthouse out there on Skjelten a short hour drive from home. The side facing the sea, that is. The one you never see from the land side of the thing. I just happen to like the lines inside the snap. That’s all. I have even got it printed. Inside the darkroom and all, you know. It came out nice, if my memory serves me right. This is just a scan of the old negative though. 

See what I mean? Lines... that's all there is in here actually. And some nice shades of gray, of course. Rolleiflex 6x6 negative. Scanned moons ago, posted here and now. Maybe before as well, for all I know.

And the one from close to the cottage. You probably recognise the stone from earlier snaps, but this one also contain a sign that obviously has travelled a long way out there at sea before ending up right here, in this position. I’m no good in languages and stuff, but my wife informed me that the words written seems french, and should mean something as simple as "Home"...?! Well, I don't know, to be honest, but since she's way more trustable in the french language than I will ever be, I guess that's what it says. Anyway, home it is, for me, so I thought it fits well enough. But I got to say that I wonder who made it, and where it's been around before it ended up on this beach.

"Home" it is! I can see that by the looks of that old stone back there, and the quite steep hillside up above. Mamiya RZ snap, from a few years back. I don't remember now what kind of film I used.

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  1. Nice lines indeed Mr Karlsvig - and a pretty nice exposure on these two, also. Nice big stones there...around these parts people put those in their gardens. Well, some people do. Maybe not quite as big as those ones, though.

    1. Thanks Michael. I must have been strucked by luck I guess... you know my manual cameras with no way to measure light and such. In that perspective they are not to bad exposures for sure.
      The stone... well, you would need a real garden to get this thing in! You would also like to put it on the right side of the house to keep it from throwing too much shadow in the unlikely event that the sun would find you worthy of a few rays of direct light as well. It's huge! I might snap it someday with someone on top, just to get something compareable for size and such. Hope you get a good weekend mate, and stay safe and well :))


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