mandag 2. mai 2016

We went for a walk

My daughter and I, a couple of weeks ago. Went for this walk as I had this film sitting inside that old Kodak Colorsnap 35 camera I got from Craig in Orkney about a year ago, or maybe even a bit longer. It seems to be in some kind of working condition, even though some of the snaps seem to have been exposed a bit oddly which was probably my own fault. The film was not exactly the best of things to put inside this camera either, as it was pretty low on ISO value. I think I might go for a 400 or something the next time I load the thing up. 

Here she is, out walking carrying the Diana F+ in her hands. 

From the entrance to "Aksla Stadion", an old arena on top of the Aksla mountain. This place has seen it's best days years ago, and is slowly falling apart and into a state beyond any chance of repair. It used to be a great place though, back in the days when I grew up. I went up there one afternoon lately, just to have a look at how things are these days. I brought my old Colorsnap thing from Kodak, and snapped a BWsnap of the place instead. 

And then we had snow, again, as you know if you follow this spot. Just for a few days, but still there's nothing much fun about it when all you want to have is spring and nice temperatures. Don't ask me what those two lines going through this frame is all about. I got no idea at all. The same thing seems to have fastened on three or four of the frames from this camera every now and then through the film. This one was taken at the doorstep at the cottage not too many days ago. It's nothing like this today, mind you, as the temperature is a lot higher this morning. 

The first day this spring with good temperatures (for this area, anyway) today. 14 deg. C right now, which is very good compared to 3-4 deg. the last weeks and months. 
I'm on my way out to make some good use of the nice weather. It's not sunny, but that's no problem as long as it's not raining and the temperature is good. 
Have a great day, all of you!

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