fredag 20. mai 2016

Everything comes to an end

The Subsea Viking alongside Hatston Pier in Kirkwall, Orkney. Seems to be the last time we will be bothering this peaceful corner of the world. I hope to be back some day!

Every era has it's beginning, and end. 
This time it's my ship, the Subsea Viking, having to go elsewhere for work. We have been occupied around the fields west of Shetland since back in 2003, which means we have been struggling up there for the best part of 13 years. That's close to 5000 days as you should know, without one single incident leading to any employee on board the ship having to be off work due to accidents and stuff like that. We are quite proud about that fact, as it happens, as we are miles ahead of the next ship on the list.
But no matter how many times they have told us this is the best thing ever, important for the contract and all the bla bla, the fact is they have put us off the contract anyway for some reason. A different ship is coming in to take over in just a few days. 

The plan now is to go out there for the last time to do a few minor jobs, then go to Peterhead in about a week or so to demob the equipment from this project. 
The good thing is that we will mob up for a new project as soon everything of the old stuff is on shore. New client, new stuff on board. A new start, sort of. At least that's what we hope.

I just came on board this morning, and we are now preparing for startup and leaving Kirkwall. That also for the last time, as our new contract will be based out of Peterhead or Aberdeen if you are a believer of rumors. 
I actually hate to say I'm leaving Kirkwall for the last time, to be honest. It has become kind of my second home, even though I have not been here that much if you're counting days and weeks. Still, I know the place well, and I have friends here. It's a lovely place with a bunch of lovely people living here. I will miss that, a lot!

You will be updated!

My good friend and reporter in the local newspaper "The Orcadian", Mr. Craig Taylor. Here at work during the new years Ba-game 2016. I snapped him up on a frame of film inside the Nikon FM2, I think. Or maybe it was the german thing...? Nice snap, huh...?

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