onsdag 25. mai 2016

Another day in paradise

So, what have we seen today besides a pigeon lingering about inside the changing room downstairs, eating biscuits or whatever that tall guy was presenting...?
Nothing much, I'm afraid. We had a fire drill which was an easy job for me as we decided to do a trick this time. Me and the chief officer went for a twist on the whole thing just to see how the other part of the team would cope if both of us were taken away from the usual setup of the fire teams. So, I acted stupid enough to open the door to the engine room where the "fire" was, and I inhaled some bad smoke which I apparently should not have done. 
I needed some help after that, so the chief officer followed me up to the hospital where a decent team were standing by to help me. To make a quite long story a bit shorter I'm happy to say that the other lads found sollutions to the situation and made the very best out of things as the scene went along. 

Other than that? Well, telephone conference with the beach and a few mails and the usual stuff. Nothing exiting, you should know by now.

Don't know if I have posted this little one before? It's from the small lake sitting some 30 yards from our house. It's frozen in this picture, as it usually is from early November up until late April. More or less. Snapped one very early morning 5 years ago or something like that, using the Mamiya 6x7 format. It's a nice frame size, and maybe a tad easier to compose inside than the square ones. That's a personal thing anyway. Some like the 6x6, others prefere the 6x7 format. The square one will give you two more shots from one 120 roll though. And no, I don't know why I posted this one right now. I just stumbled upon it inside that hard drive, so I might be afraid I'm going to loose it or something.

I just heard we're going in some time tomorrow. To Peterhead, as it happens, to start demob some lumps of steel. That's going to take a few days I suppose, as there's a lot of equipment going off. I hope to make the best out of the situation getting on dry land to take a few snaps if the stars happen to be in the right position. We will know in a few days I suppose. Then, when we're done with the demob we will go over to Norway to do some other work. Attach a new helideck, to be precise. And a lot of other stuff as we will be tied up alongside anyway. 
How do you think the norwegians will cope if, let's say, a foreign pigeon from down south in England somewhere should decide to abandon the vessel while we're there? I dare not to think too much about it, as they are pretty crazy about stuff like that these days. Who would know what the bird may have picked up on it's way north towards Kirkwall in the first place? This could easily end in a bad way for our small friend downstairs. Personally I hope it will get some of it's old senses back by some kind of miracle, and take off while we're in Peterhead. But having known the creature for a few days now I can't say I see it happen...

Not a pigeon to see inside this frame, but you might spot a donky if you got your specs cleaned lately. Old snap from one of the first rolls done with one of the Mamiya RZ cameras. Medium format 6x7 again. Don't know which lens, but maybe it's the 110mm normal one. It sure looks like that.

Nothing much to talk about today, as you most rightfully noticed. I will be back though, and hopefully with some more serious business than this chit chat. 
So long then!

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