lørdag 7. mai 2016

From the grounds around that old factory

Just a couple of quick snaps from one of the recent trips outside together with my son, Glenn. We were over to the old wool factory in Langevågen, just on the other side of the mountain just behind the cottage. Not a very long drive by any standard. 15-20 minutes or so, and you are there. At least from here, where I am right now. 

There's a lot of buildings belonging to the old factory. Some of them are now turned into shops, outlets and other things I'm not the greatest fan of. Anyway, it's nice to see them old buildings getting into some good use. Other buildings seems to be in a rather bad state, to say the least. I hope someone  with a lot of money will put some of their cash into the place and get some work done on a few more of the buildings. 
My son told me he would buy one of the buildings, if he win the NOK 250 millions in the lottery one of these days. Turn it into a darkroom and a photo studio he would. Chances that it will happen is fairly low, I would say :)

Lovely structure on this wall and the old fashion glass with reinforcement in the form of steel wires inside. This is one of the buildings that will have to be knocked down at some point, I would guess. Snapped using a german rangefinder, M3 style with no light meter or any other fancy gadgets. Summicron lens 

A well camouflaged pole standing among them trees beside this ruin of a building. Probably another part of the same factory as above, since it's located quite close to the main buildings. I might go back to take some more photos another day, but I also still got a few on a roll still inside the M6. I might get that one done some day to see what's lurking around on that roll of film. Nothing very interesting I suppose, but who knows...

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