lørdag 28. mai 2016

A walk done and some portraits posted

A few snaps of people today. Kind of portraits, I guess.

A couple of teenage girls just after a qute hairy adventure in Valldal, not too far from our home. It's called "Juving", and is not for the faint hearted, to tell the truth. I know, because I felt I had to go with them... Quite fun though. At least when you think back on it. Temperature in that river is around 3 degrees, as it's pure melted water from ice and snow just upstream. This snap is from the final touch of the route you go. There's a stopper on that thing you hold yourself connected to, but you better let go of it before you hit the stopper!! You obviously don't want to let go to early either, because the drop to the water is quite long, as you might imagine.

It's been a long day. Very long, as I was up early and have been walking around policing the client as they are stripping down the aft deck and throwing more or less all their equipment from 13 years of operation over to the new ship. A million bits and pieces are going off, which means we have been really working the last couple of days to get everything sorted out in the best way for all parties. 

This is the son, who you might recognise from distance by now. This was snapped not too long ago with one of them fine Mamiya RZ cameras on good Fomapan 200 film and all. He's sitting on the ruins of the barn at the old farm where my wifes mother grew up. It's quite far away from most things up here. Back in the days it was very far away from most things. 

I am just back from a short walk around Peterhead town center. I mainly walked inside the harbour area, mind you, as it's a mighty long way to walk from where the ship is moored to get into the town itself. Nothing much to see though, but then I did not really go for a full check of what's in there. The usual stuff I guess, at least by the looks of things. 

Oh, well. It's the blogger himself as it happens. Can't remember exactly who snapped this one, but it might be my younger step daughter, the one closest on the first one up there on top of this page. It was definately done on a Mamiya RZ which at least close out the possibility of having done a selfie! It's probably done on some Fomapan film, or maybe even on Shanghai GP3 for what I know right here and now. Nuff said about this!

I brought the german black rangefinder, the Rolleiflex, and the Fujifilm pixelsnapper on todays walk. I might give you a few taken from a memorycard tomorrow, but I'm not too sure yet. I'm not feeling the temptation of making this blog into something else, so we will see. There will be film stuff some day too, but as you know that's going to take a while to sort out yet. 

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