mandag 23. mai 2016

Flat out on a flat sea

Busy day at work today, but nothing I could not manage I have to hastely put in. Just loads of mails and telephone calls and stuff, as we do at times, even on board a big old ship.
There's maintenance and yardstay days coming up, which means the engine dept. will have quite a busy time when all that starts in a few days from now. I just hope I will be able to do a couple of other things as well, as I got both a blog to write and a few cameras around that needs to get some exercise if possible. I hope to take it ashore for a stroll or three, but that's yet to see if it will be possible.

More from the walk around the premises of that old Devold Wool factory down by the sea not far from home. Nice weather it was as well this day, as you may notice. I obviously found it worth looking quite long for that orange filter I usually got laying somewhere inside a pocket of my smallish bag inside of which I usually keep a couple of old german cameras. 

I brought the old Rolleiflex down to the engine control room this morning. The 2'nd engineer was not able to even recognize what was up and what was down... until he spotted the big letters on the front, that is. I mean, even the most ignorant people can obviously read these days :))
Then again, he had never seen anything like it. And who could possibly blame him for that, after all. I just keep on telling the guys in my crew that they are a lucky bunch of lads being able to at least hold all these lovely mechanical cameras in their hands for a few moments every now and then. Who else in this trade get the chance of doing that? Just saying...!

There you go, Devold Merino Wool in mirrored letters and everything. It was probably just snapped to document the not too common rays of sun shining down on us on this day. Building No.7 in the background, as you might see. No.10 is the old coal storage. They must have used some coal back in the days, as a quite large building was built for this purpose. Nothing like today by no means. Snapped with the black german thing from the 90's some time.

Myriades of old Nikons, Leicas, Rolleflex TLR and various Voigtländers, Kodak's, a bunch of heavy Mamiyas and what else have we all. No wonder them young boys put on a strange face from time to time. I will never dream of asking if it is because of the rotten cameras or their steadily growing impression that there must be something totally wrong with the old chief - mentally, like...

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  1. Those young whipper-snappers will thank you in years to come Roy, when they realise what sense you were talking. Perhaps you have sown a few seeds in those guys' minds and maybe one day they will go to the great Auction House on the Net and even bid on a film camera or two to see what 'that old chief' was talking about :)

    I don't know how you keep it going, mate...that work sure gets in the way of taking great snaps and blogging interesting stories and the like :)

    1. Ah, Michael. That's what they're going to do. Bid on something useful just to see what all the fuzz is about. They will probably never tell me though, as I have seen their smiles on their faces when I turn my back on them :))


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