søndag 22. mai 2016

At sea, working

Then we're here again. At the Foinhaven oilfields for something they keep on telling us is for the last time. I don't know why they carry on saying that, because this ship will probably find it's own way up here if anything should go wrong at some point. More like a pidgeon being let loose somewhere far away from home. 
We do nothing much, actually, but are keeping the guys at the ROV subsea controls busy, and that's worth something I would say. 

Today has been all about catching up on what's been happening on board for the two months I've been staying at home not thinking about the ship too much. You should try that, being away for a couple of months from work and see how easy it is to just jump or bump into it like nothing has happened while you were away. Not the easiest thing for sure. Then again, it's not exactly undoable so I will get there some day. I'm sure.

From one of the recent tours of snapping of me and my son. We were a bit around more or less everywhere, but nothing fancy. This is at the old wool factory, Devold, in Langevågen close to where I live. It's basically a nice area to stroll around on a day like this. A bit of snow, I see, but that should be more or less gone by now...

I loaded a camera today. With 120 film, as this lovely box only take that size. You see I suddenly found that I had brought my old Rolleiflex TLR for this trip. I know I was thinking about doing so, but then I changed my mind, took it out of the bag and put it elsewhere. Maybe my wife found it and put it back in for what I know. Anyway, it's here and I will make it play one of these days. 
You see I got this message from the captain before I left home saying something like; "Better bring a decent camera this time, of electronic gender from where we can easily pick snaps out of without playing with chemicals and darkened rooms and stuff...". Ah!? So you appear to be knowing what a decent camera is nowadays, do you? 
OK then, I did not want to start something, so I brought the smallish Fujifilm X-pro1 thing I got laying around the house. I even managed to track down the battery charger for it. Believe it or not! And a few old Nikon lenses which was a lot easier to find.

That should leave me here with a couple of german rangefinders, one boxy TLR and the pixelator. You see the captain wanted me to do the snapping part of the next post in our quarterly magazine. It's called "Saltvannsposten" and will be distributed to more or less all souls still working for this company. Should make me pictures published to a couple of hundred persons I would say. A fraction of the readers of any dull facebook post, in other words. 
The plan now is to bring two cameras whenever I take the walk around the ship to snap the things I decide to snap. At some point the old box will become useful. That's my thought about it all anyway. 
I do already have something made up in my mind, as we got this new crane driver on board. He is quite a sight, if I might use words like that about a man. Well... it's the appearance of the figure himself which is the interresting part of it, mind you. I hope to be able to show you what I mean, some day.

Uh... it's getting late. I'll better be off to bed soon as I have not been feeling top notch for the last few days. Getting sick while being at work is no good at all, so I'll better try my best to avoid that. 
See ya all soon!

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  1. Great post as always, Roy. I like the sound of the Celsius Glass Studio on that signpost...interesting! Your response to the Captain's comment gave me a good laugh, but I'm sure and the few hundred readers will love your snaps when you get them done. You never know, maybe you will get to be the Official Company Photographer :) if you want, that is. Personally I like my hobbies to be just that...I have no desire to be chasing the ££ through my camera work. I mean to say, what would you do as a hobby if you were chasing pixels all day for a living...probably the last thing you would want to do would be to lift another camera.

    Anyway, hope you are back on top form tomorrow...which I will probably read about now since I am catching up on your posts. Way behind, I am, for some reason I am not too sure about.

    1. Nah, snapping pixels for cash is not at all what I have been looking for, Michael. You can rest assured. I will do them for free, though. As long as it's fun, that is. A hobby is something way different. Then you can pick the things up whenever you feel like, and not having issues like getting food on the table and trivial stuff like that.
      I'm quite fine again, thank you, so no further issues with coughing and stuff like that. I even started to write todays blog post last evening. Finished it off with pixelated snaps today and posted it not too long ago, as it happens. Should mean I'm back in business I would think.


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