torsdag 3. desember 2015

It's the same, but a little bit different

Well, here I am back at work again. The thing is we're totally stuck alongside, as the weather out at sea is just to bad for us to do any work in. Which means we got to stay here, alongside the pier in Kirkwall for a wee while. A few days, maybe. Or at least until the weather decides to calm down a bit, which can take weeks at this time of year. As you all know a lot about, of course.
They managed to beat the heli-deck to pieces a few weeks ago, you might remember. Or, actually the sea did that work, very fast indeed. It looks nothing good out there, I tell you. 

This is nothing new, but a scan of a rather oldish negative snapped with the help of a german camera some time ago. It's from a hotel lobby in Bergen as we were stuck here for a few days during a real snow storm when trying to get to work. It was the only one I had on some stick here... as I could not find my hard drive in the bag. I need to go take a closer look!!

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  1. I hope you have some good books with you Roy to make good use of that time. And burn through some film as well of course - point a camera towards the weather :)

    1. I got a few books around Michael, and I even got cameras and film as well. Right now I'm not feeling too well though, and have to stay totally calm. Will get myself out and about when the flu has released it's grip some day very soon :))


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