søndag 13. desember 2015

I got these square and bulky Mamiyas, you know

You know the kind of instrument which takes great snaps, if the person behind it kind of point it towards great stuff and are able to adjust it roughly into an area where something might fasten on the film inside the back, that is.
I give you a few right here and now, of things I have looked at through the finder of one or more of these cameras. They are all negative scans, mind you!

Monstermachines at Hatston Pier, Kirkwall, Orkney. Weird lens this one. 37mm short, but big as a truck anyway. Fits and was made for that chunky Mamiya RZ67 some years ago. I think I was like half a meter away from that hook or something. You really need to be careful when using this thing.

Just to update you all: We are back at sea, free as the whales or something like that. Out here trying to earn a few coins before we go ashore to use it all on spareparts and manpower towards christmas. Got a couple of main engines to get done. Overhaul and stuff like that, as we do every now and then.

My wife is not the snapper kind of person, but she insisted to go for it one day, with one of the big Mamiyas. She managed to do this one, of yours truly catched in a very rare moment of sort of smiling. I honestly don't know where that came from :)

Oh, and I for sure got this extreme lens, which you might have allready noticed, which I can put on those Mamiyas if I like. 
Well, I don't like it that much, even though it's a great lens as such. It's a bit on the "fishy" end to my taste actually, but I got it and sometimes I get tempted to use it. 
I even used it down in the engineroom a couple of years ago. That's the two last snaps in todays post. Not the best of luck with the exposures, but heck... it's not too easy to guess exposure at places like that anyway! Just find yourself a big, deep engineroom and try for yourselves, then report back you findings in this direction :))

Port side engineroom of Subsea Viking. You'll see parts of two main engines here, with a bit of luck, and a bunch of pipes, coolers, pumps and other engineroom stuff. The starboard engineroom is exactly the same. It's a DP3 class vessel, so we got double of everything, just in case one side suddenly gets useless because of flooding, fire or whatever Murphy throws in our direction...

Hope you all have a great time the last days before the festive days ahead of us. I will stay on board the ship until past new year, so you all know where you got me. No family to see this year, as more or less usual. 
I will survive though! I have tried this quite a few times already, so nothing new about it.
I got a couple of cameras you know, and a few rolls of film. Will try to get something snapped, so just make sure you follow this small and tiny blog in the future to be able to catch up at some point.

Looking down the line of crankshaft hatches of one of our 4 main engines. One engine are able to produce 2400 kW of energy out on the generator attached to it, and we got four of them. Make us able to power up something big, if needed. Oh... and there are more pipes, pumps, coolers and things there on the left hand side. 

Have a nice week folks, and I hope to be able to post something more every now and then :)

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  1. Great post, Roy - and loved the snaps. That looks like one very interesting lens there. Sorry to hear you are away from home over Christmas...I hope you get some serious holidays in January to make up for it, mate.

    1. Thanks a lot Michael mate! Well... as a matter of fact I will get some serious hollidays in both january and february, but it's not the kind of hollidays we like! It's bad times at sea for the moment, and we are trying to help out our colleagues by adjusting our working periods. This means I'm staying home for 8 weeks next time. Four weeks on, eight off... that's my new schedule for the time to come. The bad thing is we have agreed to reduce the income accordingly :(
      It's not the best of situations, but way better than loosing my job! I just hope the company will be able to find new ways to use their ships during the next year. Anyway, we'll find out soon enough. I still got a job, and will try my best to keep it, and also will try my best to stay on the positive side of things... as I usually do anyway :))
      I hope to post a few good ones from the christmastime here in Kirkwall when I get home over new year some time.


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