mandag 30. november 2015

And the days fly by...

Struggling with the last small things to get done before I go off to the northern isles for work again. I leave thursday morning, heading for Kirkwall, Orkney. Finally going there again. It's been too long now, so it's going to be good to get back there. Nothing much wrong with Lerwick and Shetland, but it's a bit more quiet in Kirkwall. It's just a fact and the way things are.

Some old oil rig north-west of Shetland somewhere. I got no clue from which camera it came, other than it's definitely a 135 size film. Some old Nikon, I guess.

There is still a few things on that list of things to do, though. I will never get everything done, but at least I hope to get a couple of pictures framed up and mounted before I go. That's for tomorrow.

Emilie, one of the mess crew on board my ship. The most fantastic and positive person you will find. She's from Sweden and all, you know. And she's got a nice tattoo right there on her right hand, you see. I can tell she's thinking about her boyfriend by the look in her eyes :)

Winter is here, it seems. It really started to snow a few hours ago, and before I could spell "snow showel" there was a 15 cm layer outside. Not that it came as any surprise or anything but I would rather like this sort of weather coming a wee bit later, to be honest. Like when I'm away and don't have to deal with it. 
I'll be away for yule as well this year, and probably also for the new year party. Guess I'll be home on the 2nd of january, or thereabout. 
That kind of reminds me that I got a few presents to get before I fly off... another thing to get added to the list. Not that we usually buy a great lot of presents, but still there is always a few. 

I will soon see this familiar lighthouse then. Right there on the entrance if you go the sea way to Kirkwall and Orkney you'll find it. Helliar Holm Lighthouse. Typical Stevenson construction. They built a bunch of lovely lighthouses those guys.

I also need to find out which camera, or cameras, to take over to the UK this time. It's always a question if you want to travel light or if it feels OK to bring a few kilos extra. I seem to get more lazy as I get older, which usually means I carry a small bag with a couple of german rangefinders. They are manageable in size and weight, and still are great cameras. 
A couple of Nikon SLRs are great as well. Same size as the german ones, more or less, and they seem to last forever. Or I might take one of each this time... who knows?!

And this lump of steel... and rust. I can inform you that it's still out there, and still working as well. It might look like something from another time and place, and it sort of is just that, but I think (and hope) it works a bit better than the look of things. It's the Petrojarl Foinhaven... you know the thing that bring loads of mooney ashore.

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  1. I hope you managed to get those last presents sorted out Roy as well as getting the snow cleared OK - sounds like it was a lot that fell in a short time. I think the German rangefinder and a Nikon or two should cover most bases - bigger negatives are great to work with but 35mm is hard to beat for portability.

    1. True words for the money there Michael! I ended up bringing no germans, but a few japanese things instead. One for testing, as I just managed to make it work before I left home. That chunky Nikon F-401 I might told you all about. And I brought another one for testing, but it seemed to last for only something like 1/2 a film... I need to do something with that small, tiny thing. It's a P&S Canon, of all things. No wonder I stopped using Canons in the early 90s, as it's the only things I ever managed to really break. Anyway... it could be an easy fix as well... put in new batteries or something like that. You know I rarely use cameras with batteries inside, so it could be the user...!
      Talking about medium formats I got this Rolleiflex TLR. It's actually a little bit portable, but still not very useful to the kind of snaps I'm prone to get over there. 35mm is always the best shot when you're on the go. No doubt about it!


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