søndag 27. desember 2015

The Christmas day Ba went doon!

So, it went in the harbour, again. The Ba. Which is the wrong way, at least seen from inside of my head and out. But OK! There's always the new years day Ba left, and new chances to get everything sorted in just a few days. 
I brought a few cameras to the Ba, but as you know it will still take a few weeks until my film snaps can get online. They might even turn out totally useless as well... but we'll find out some other day. This means I got to break one of my principles on here, if I decide that I want to show you a couple of memories from the Christmas day Ba-game. I brought some electronic pixel collector as well, you see, just to be in a position where snaps can be shown instantly if needed. Not that it's needed, as such, but it might be wanted at some point. And then I can dig them out from that electronic card... you know the story. Bits, bytes and pieces, 0's and 1's all stacked together in a pattern I know very little about. I still have decided to post them, so you'll either have to turn your eyes into a safe direction, or just go for it and have a look. 

"The pack" getting ready for the Ba to be thrown into the middle, never to show up for most people until the scoring happens, six hours later...

A short time after the game started, the participating teams has already turned the heat up a wee bit, and started to produce some good old steam. 

I might just as well throw in a word or two about the camera then! It's a Fujifilm X-pro1 thing. Black box, OK size. Earlier I used to carry a huge DSLR when I wanted electronic images, but I gave the thing away... My son got it now, and he is quite happy with the old thing. Of course he is...! He got himself a semi-pro Nikon digital camera, and his father got loads of great old lenses that fit straight on the thing... 
The Fujifilm X-pro1 is a different breed, actually. It's quite handy, and if I was using digital cameras a lot more than I actually do, I might really like this thing. 
I don't own a dedicated X-mount lens for this camera. I use it with old Nikon or Leica lenses, and find it to be good enough for my use. As I told you, I don't use it that much. Checking through the memory card I can trace my first snapped photo inside this thing back to the 4'th of august 2014, which probably was the same day I got it. I took some photos on that day, and then I took some a little bit later in august 2014... in a wedding I was playing a big part in. Then there's nothing until february 2015... and then these pictures from the 25'th of december. So, I'm not a big user of this thing, as you might figured out allready. 

And they managed to move a bit around with the Ba... just over the road, as it happens, towards the old cathedral and thereabouts. They did not manage to tear that pole down, but I think they were pretty darn close to it...

Some fists flying, as they should on a day like this...

I just leave you with the snaps from the Ba, and sit here and wait for you to fire off a few questions instead. A six hours struggle this year, to get the Ba into the sea. Most of the time it was stuck into a corner up at the car park, but somehow they got it out of there and further down towards the harbour. 
I hope for a different outcome on new years day... as you know. 

Night came creeping at one point, and the Ba was completely stuck into a corner around the car park. I have seen it stuck here before, and the best thing you can possibly do is find the nearest pub for some refreshments for a short while... an hour or two should be fine. You'll find the Ba at a later time.

And the steam just kept on rising from "the pack". There's some energy being let loose in there for sure!

Action in the middle of the night...

Moving around, with a goal...

And when the Ba has finally touched the water, the big fight for the trophy starts inside the winning team. This can take forever, but this year they ended the discussion quite fast... maybe after ten minutes or so.

The winner has claimed his Ba. Now the party starts... and that's often a never ending story as well

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  1. Haha great set of snaps Roy - even if they are not the 'right sort'. I don't think I'd chance taking a decent camera into the middle of that lot anyway.

  2. Thank's a lot Michael, mate! Nah... they're not the right sort or anything, but they will come some day, if I ever got anything to stick onto one of those films, that is. I carried one of those unbreakable FM2s anyway, which means I was quite safe. Then I also snapped a few with a mid 50's english camera thing. Bellows and bad lens... 6x9 thing you know. I'm quite curious if I got something out of that oldie. The shutter is a disaster, and there are leaks and what have we... but it's a lot of fun, as well. We'll see, in a couple of weeks or so :))


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