lørdag 19. desember 2015

We're getting closer!

It's always like that. You get closer to something you're looking forward to, and then it's suddenly over. You might never even noticed it, more or less, but it's still over.
Nothing is over here, as for yet, but we will get there. 
The engine overhaul is coming towards an end, and we got a million different other bits and pieces going on as well, which also probably will come to an end, soonish.

Just to make sure you can all see that I used to be able to get sharp images and all... a few years back in time. It might have been under influence of the sun shining a bright light and what have you, but it was also seen through a great 24mm Nikkor lens. The snapper was a very well beaten Nikon F3 P... the press version of the thing. You know the one with the noisy motor thing attached? 
It's huge, and great!

The ship is down manned during christmas. All project crew will be home well before the festive days starts off, the few of them that's still left on board that is. The other ones have been home for days already. When the last few of them get away from here, it will leave only the ships maritime crew left on board. That's cool enough, to be honest. As there is no work for the ship during christmas, it means we will stay alongside right here where we are right now for the next couple of weeks with no one on board telling us anything about how we should do this, and how to do that. It seems like we're the idiots, and whatever the project people finds being a good idea really is a good idea. I wonder what makes these people such great and experienced sailors, never stayed even a few minutes on board a vessel without getting seriously sea sick. 
Nothing wrong having the habbit of getting sea sick, by all means, but don't both act like a sailor of all seas while you're prone to hang over the toilet a few minutes after the vessel have left port. Please! It looks a wee bit stupid, you know.

The young one of the daughters eating her lunch at a bench by the sea on a warm summers day. I don't actually know the full story around the headgear, which she usually used during winter time... but anyway, that's what she decided was the coolest thing to wear this day, the warm one in the summer. Further I think this is from the same film as above, thus also done on the F3 P version.

Well! Enough about that, I think!
Just wanted to say that I'm still alive and kicking. Both sideways and upwards! 
And hey... I don't know if this blog is getting more followers, or if there's just the few usual ones reading it many times over... but I got a few more readers now, it seems. And how great is'nt that, you think? 
Keep on reading folks, and if you want to throw a link around the interweb as well, just to get even more readers over towards me, please be my guest! 
And now I need to go to a bloody meeting. Something the captain has found being a very bright idea... I kid you not!

All this talks about ships and maritime stuff, and no snaps on that theme?! No way! This is what you all see it is. On the UK sector around the northern end of the Shetland area somewhere way out at sea. Not that I've seen this thing that often, but we did a few jobs up there a lot earlier this year. I don't have a clue about the snappermachine used, but it could be of german origin for what I know.

Take care folks!

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