søndag 6. desember 2015

Continued from yesterday, more or less...

A maybe less surprise, at least seen from my inside my head, would be that I also brought a Nikon FM2 to work this time. It's like I can never go anywhere without having one somewhere near me. It's right here on that table over there, loaded with a good roll of that old, great, legendary Tri-X you probably have either tried or been reading about, at some point. Not the new stuff, mind you, but the proper thing. From the mid 70's some time. I simply can't wait to wash that roll in some Rodinal or some other great soup. Well... I need to expose it to the right ammount of light first, of course, but I should manage to get that done during the next month or so.

It's scenery like this we got over here, on this island I'm staying on at the moment. Snapped on film with some Nikon FM2 about one year ago these days. We were here right after the big feast, even before the new year started. 

Ever tried an FM2? I tell you it's got to be the best battered thing I got lurking around in my bag. Lightweight, all manual, no batteries needed unless you are totally addicted to light meters, simplicity, no fuss at all, and it takes some beating very well. I got a few of them, and have never managed to do anything to harm any of them as for yet. They can stay for years somewhere inside a cabinet or something, and when you finally finds them and pick'em up and fires the shutter they just works. On all shutter times and all. It's just bloody great! Other cameras seem to need CLA, which usually mean TLC, both now and again through a lifetime. The FM2 not so. Or it looks like that, anyway, again as seen from inside my own head.

More scenery. West side of Mainland Orkney. This is what it looks like, actually. It's simply just like I like it to be.

On a good day I would even claim it's at least as good as any german snapper I know. It's not any bigger either, than the germans. The only disadvantage would be the clikketyclack, mirror you know. It's shouting where the germans are whispering. 
Anyway, it just works. And that's the big point I would say. That's also why you will allways find one of them in my bag.
There is a welfare tour, kind of sightseeing thing, being arranged today as we are sitting more or less idle here in Kirkwall and never get the chance to get anywhere else than on the ship. Sometimes I end up wondering which camera to bring on tours like that, but always seem to end up with a FM2 or one or both of the german ones. It's just a habbit folks, but I like these japanese left overs from the eightees. 
I might bring the pixel collector as well, just to make sure I got evidence to show off either here on the blog, or somewhere else. We'll see, I think.

Maybe it's a bit early, but we might even find one of these scattered around one of the beaches when we go for the tour a bit later. Who knows? This one was seen and duly documented in Windwick last year, or in the very beginning of this year. The mother was lurking in the area... just sayin'.

Have a great sunday, friends :)

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  1. I know what you mean about those Nikons - they make a good loud noise when you fire them. But they are lovely to use too - nearly as nice as the German ones. My mate has a black FM2 which he never uses, he prefers his pixelshooter Nikons, for some strange reason. I'm hoping one day he will 'do the honourable thing' and pass it to someone who will use it :)

    1. Ugh... and if you can't find any decent use for it Michael, consider a donation to a well known collector over this way :P
      They are great cameras, and I really like them a lot. Mine are all blacks, by the way. I like them better that way, but I don't find it important. It's more form and function, and less what catches the eye, to be honest. They were just all blacks when I bought them, by coinsidence :)


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