lørdag 5. desember 2015

Even more cameras...

You may believe it or just leave it be, but I also brought that bulky and plasticky Nikon F-401 I told you all about just a couple of days ago. The sibling to my first Nikon, as you should know by now. The story why I ended up with one of these again, quite recently or a couple of years ago, was because I had been looking for a free lens for some time. A 24mm Nikkor, one of those great ones with a largeish aperture, you know. That usually means you got to bleed for it, but I kept on looking for one of those rare good second hand deals anyway. And I found it, in the end. Some old man put this camera up for sale, with two lenses, and wanted just a few good old norwegian kroner for the thing. The attached lens was the usual 35-70mm thing, of which I got a few from earlier camera purchases. But there in the background, the lens I was looking for, and not even stated in the ad as anything more than "an extra lens" or something like that.

This old one from the late eighties may, or may not, have been made inside the same kind of Nikon F-401 as I'm talking about today. Only difference is that it's from a different camera. The one I got rid of some time in the mid 90's or thereabout, when I bought my first FM2 instead. 

Well, I ended up with the lens more or less given to me in the end. And the day was good. I threw the camera in the garbage camerabin and forgot all about it, as it didn't seem to work. A few weeks ago I decided to have a closer look at it. Luckily I have opened a few cameras before, and this was a simple case as the problem was found to be nothing more serious than a bad contact point. 

This very bad scan is also from an old film, definitely drawn through that old Nikon. It's of my middle child, Malin, who has grown a bit since this was snapped, and who is now pushing a lille bit bigger but still very similar thing in front of her as she strolls the streets.

The camera is working now, and I have just brought it over to Orkney to give it a good go in some rough conditions. It might not work when I get home, but we'll see. Anyway, this is a love and hate kind of thing I got towards this snapper, but I promise to try give it a fair chance and look at it with a pair of half freshish eyes. 
I must admit though, that it's kind of cool to have a working example of this camera in my bag once more. It's been a long time since the mid 80's after all.

Last one today. My oldest child, Glenn, working on agricultural machinery here. Today he is an electrician, working on the GSM mobile antenna systems in the area. Nikon F-401 around 1994 or something like that.

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