mandag 7. desember 2015

We actually did not drown, or blew off the road!

Was out yesterday. Out and about with a bus driver who thought we were completely nuts and crazy wanting a sightseeing on such a day. What the heck...? I thought these locals still had some of that old guts and no fear stuff inside. Well, obviously not all of them.
Anyway, he was a great driver as he still managed to keep that big bus on the road instead of all over the moorland beside of it.

This is also on Orkney mainland, but we were not around this place yesterday. This is a snap from about one year ago. Made through a german lens of 3,5 cm length. It's a good one.

I had seen it all before, but luckily we (or me, myself as it happens) managed to convince him that Yesnaby would be a good spot on such a breezy day. I can inform you that it most certainly was! Maybe not for the bus driver who had to turn his big wheely thing around down there in the gale while we were outside playing with cameras and stuff. It was great!

No worries! It's just a picture of the captain having his morning coffee one day this summer. He managed to drink it all without spilling anything on the floor or anywhere else. It was one of his better days ever, probably!

I mostly snapped electronic pixelized images yesterday, just because something strange happened as I was going to change the film inside my real camera. There was just no new film there!! I had totally forgot that I had put it into a different bag a couple of days ago, and so left behind at the ship. Well... that's life as it is. I had to manage with the pixelator from then, and I'm not to sure if that's apropriate to post here in any way. I think I need to sleep a wee bit on that one, so please bear with me for a few moments or so.

This is definately an Orcadian! He showed us his church, or actually it's a cathedral if you ask him, and he was also pointing in absolutely every thinkable direction while talking. All the time. I snapped this, and just found it lurking around in between my scannings on a red hard drive. It was quite nice actually, even though the light up there around the ceiling of that big cathedral was pretty much on the low side of things. 

Otherwise... it's all good! I was just dropping by to tell you a few words about the trip, and that we actually made it through the whole thing without anything serious happening to us.
How good is that, taken into concideration that the bus driver - the local one, you know - was particulary convinced that we probably would not make it. None of us, that is.
Well, I guess we thought him a good lesson there, don't you?

This? Just the extremely furry thing we got lurking around the house doing absolutely nothing. Right here shown in her favourite position as she does what she knows best.

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